Guardian Skill

Guardian is a stat-buffing skill available for all characters in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and for all characters except Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When cast, Guardian creates an image of a golden shield with wings over a single ally, buffing their Defence, Magic Defence, and Evade. It essentially combines Protect, Barrier, and Reflex, but targets only a single ally instead of the entire team. It is particularly useful in re-buffing allies who lost their buffs due to their death, dispel, or simply were in the backup slot.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Guardian is unlocked by completing a quest in Glacier Valley for Celeste, it can be learned by any of three available characters. Other than buffing an ally's stats, Guardian also slightly heals the target.

EBF3 Skill Guardian
Guardian Element Type
Buffs one ally's defence, magic defence, and evade. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 20/10 6 500
2 30/15 10 1000
3 40/20 14 2000
4 50/25 18 4000
5 60/30 22 8000
Note: In the Power section, the first number indicates the Defence and Magic Defence buff, and the second one shows the Evade buff. The game will only show the first number.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Guardian can be learnt by Matt, Natalie, or Anna, but is no longer available for Lance. It is stronger than its EBF3 appearance, but it doesn't heal the target any more.

EBF4 Skill Guardian
Guardian Element Type
Buffs an ally's defence, magic defence, and evade. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 30/15 6 500
2 40/20 10 1000
3 50/25 14 2000
4 60/30 19 4000
5 70/35 25 8000
Note: The Power section shows the actual Defence/Evade buff of each skill level. The game will always show that Guardian has 0 base power, regardless of level.