Guns are a type of weapons operated by Lance. Most of them are quite large in size, and are more like hand cannons, rather than rifles. Lance usually carries a gun on his back, only pulling it out when using skills that require making a shot — except Double Shot, Unload and Snipe, which utilize the gunblade/revolver.

Beside the main weapon, until EBF5 Lance also uses a black gunblade (a revolver combined with a sword) with which he performs some of his skills, instead of using the main gun. In EBF5 the gunblade is replaced with a handgun that adjusts its appearance to befit the gun currently equipped. In both cases, those weapons are only part of the animation and have no statistics of their own, still using effects and statistics provided by the main gun.

List of Guns in Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Guns in EBF3

List of Guns in Epic Battle Fantasy 4


List of Guns in Epic Battle Fantasy 5

Notice: EBF5-related data is based off of the public beta, v0.2, and may change later.
EBF5 Guns
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