The Gunslinger is a member of the Slinger family of enemies in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It usually appears in the same areas as its counterpart, the Swordslinger.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

The Gunslinger appears in the Kitten Kingdom Ruins, alongside the Swordslinger.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Gunslingers appear in the Waste Disposal Plant, mostly in the southern half of the factory. A few have managed to escape the plant and roam the outskirts of the Temple of Godcat.

Adventure Story

In this spinoff game, Gunslingers appear as enemies in the second area of the game (the Desert). They move back and forth on their platforms, but attempt to chase Matt if they spot him. Periodically, they will raise their cannons and fire a large bullet at Matt, which must be dodged. As usual, Matt can also take damage if he touches the Gunslinger itself.

Unlike the main EBF games, the Gunslinger does not have a melee-focused counterpart. However, it does have an upgraded version/alternate species that appears in later levels: the Black Gunslinger. This version of the Gunslinger is identifiable by its black clothing and new hat design. It moves faster, does more damage, and fires three bullets at a time.


  • Shoots the party with a chainsaw gunblade
  • Reveals a battery of cannons and shoots the party
  • Releases a guided missile, dealing bomb damage to the party
  • Unveils a massive sniper cannon from within its coat and attempts to snipe a Player to cause instant Death. Low accuracy.


  • The design for the Gunslinger enemy came from a DeviantArt member named Kmau.

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