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  • You can go north for some optional items and fights, but go west to progress.
  • Collect the fossil for the quest.
  • Come back here when you have the Ladder to bridge the gap and reach Chest #3.
  • QUESTS: Get 1 Pizza, 1 Orange Juice, 1 Ham
    • REWARD: Giga Drill (skill), 1 Titanium
    • Cave Crab #1: Two Snails, two Cave Crabs, and one Rock Turtle (guards Chest #1)
    • Cave Crab #2: Two Cave Crabs, two Red Clays, and one Black Clay
    • Coal Bat: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Three Fluffy Bats and two Coal Bats
      • Wave #2: One Fluffy Bat (giant) and one Coal Bat (giant)
    • Rock Turtle: Three waves. (must be cleared to progress)
      • Wave #1: One Lava Turtle, one Rock Turtle, and one Glacier Turtle
      • Wave #2: Three Ice Idols and two Obsidian Idols
      • Wave #3: One Obsidian Idol, one Fire Elemental, one Ice Elemental, and one Ice Idol
    • Chest #1: 1 Chips, 3 Coffee, 5 Steel Plate
    • Chest #2: Syphon (skill), 5 Paper Talisman, 3 Sea Shell
    • Chest #3 (requires Ladder): 1 Candycane, 1 Lollipop, 1 Cake

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