Hamburger Description

Hamburger Description

The Hamburger is a healing item in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Epic Battle Fantasy 4. One of the rarest foods in the game, it fully heals a player's HP and MP. This makes the Hamburger one of the most powerful healing items in the game, and the single-target counterpart of the Pizza.


Natalie eating a hamburger -X

Nataile eating a hamburger :X

In EBF3, Hamburgers can be bought at the Town Inn for 10,000 Gold. Some Hamburgers can also be found in treasure chests, or given to players as rewards for completing Quests.

In EBF4, Hamburgers are available at the Rare Food shop in Whitefall Town. The first one costs 10,000 Gold, and the price rises by 5,000 Gold for every subsequent Hamburger purchased. Once again, Hamburgers can also be found in some treasure chests and as Quest rewards.


  • One of EBF3's hidden Medals, "Fatty", is awarded by using a Hamburger in battle.
  • In the opening sequence, Natalie's stats state that she dislikes hamburgers. Also, Natalie makes a skull and crossbones whenever she uses a hamburger.

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