Tis a Bomb

A Hand Bomb in EBF3

The Hand Bomb is a recurring item in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It has appeared in every main game except the original, and its purpose has always been the same; when used in battle, it damages a single foe with Bomb-elemental damage.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2

The Hand Bomb (here known only as Bomb) can be purchased at either shop for 600 gold. If Matt gains the "Cat Warrior" perk, NoLegs will occasionally attack with a Bomb instead of his usual sword when the perk activates between turns.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Hand Bombs can be bought from the Item Shop in the Town. The Captain Hat boosts the power of Hand Bombs when equipped.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

In this game, the Hand Bomb's damage is based on the user's Magic Attack. It has roughly 75 Power, with about 20% variance in either direction (higher or lower).  The Ninja Gear doubles the power (more than doubling the damage) of Hand Bombs when equipped.

In-Game Description

Throw at a foe for bomb elemental damage.


  • The Hand Bomb was created to replace the Bob-omb item from the original Epic Battle Fantasy game.

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