"An old tree posessed (sic) by evil. Can inflict stun and poison." - Bestiary entry in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

The Haunted Tree is a type of foe in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It appears as a gnarled old tree with holes forming narrow eyes and a large, jagged mouth. A few leaves and mushrooms grow from its branches.

As a plant-based enemy, the Haunted Tree is unfazed by water and poison attacks. On the other hand, Fire, Thunder, and Earth-based attacks will deal significant damage to it.


Epic Battle Fantasy


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4


The Haunted Tree mainly attacks by throwing spores from its branches, inflicting light damage to all players. The spores also have a chance to inflict a variety of status ailments, with Stun and Poison being especially common. For a stronger attack, the Haunted Tree can cast Vines on a single player, dealing moderate Poison damage with a high chance to poison the target.


  • After the heroes defeat their first Haunted Tree in Epic Battle Fantasy 3, Matt comments "Stop pretending to be a foe, you're just a tree!"

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