Hikari in EBF4

is a recurring NPC introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. She is a young girl with her blonde hair styled in ringlets, and is always seen with a lolipop in hand. She is a young student always seen with other

Hikari (the girl in the middle)

girls of her school. Hikari often seems like a ditz, because of her unawareness of what the term "troll" meants and the fact that she was kicked out of school for being too friendly with the guys.

She has a crush on Lance (as well as many other boys), and usually flirts with him when the party talks to her.

In EBF 3

She appears in the Town as one of the many NPC you encounter at the beginning of the game. When she sees Lance she immediately flirts with him but Natalie then makes the party leave her, probably because she knows Lance will try to take advantage of the situation.

In EBF 4

Hikari is seen in Whitefall Town, in the screen leading to Graybone Cemetery. She states that she was kicked out of school for being too friendly with the boys, then asks Lance to go out with her but once again Natalie ends the conversation. 


  • Her name means "light" in Japanese.

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