Holy Fire EBF4

Holy Fire is a Holy-elemental special skill available for all characters in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


The animation consists of seven white orbs appearing next to the target that then disappear in small white clouds. Holy Flare deals medium Holy damage to one enemy, Dispels the target, and lowers its magic defence. This skill is particularly useful for Lance, who does not have a Holy skill.

Certain enemies, such as Mage Dogs, can also cast Holy Fire. Sacred Runes can use it as a suicide attack when low on HP.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Holy Fire is unlocked by completing a quest in Whitefall Town for Helen.

EBF4 Skill Holy Fire
Holy Fire Element Type
Dispels the target and debuffs their magic defence. High accuracy. 100% Element Holy Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 50 18 1000
2 80 23 2000
3 110 38 4000
4 140 33 8000
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  • Holy Fire is the only skill in the game to have its MP cost reduced after upgrading (namely from level 3 to level 4).

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