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  • Get the Blood Orb from the pedestal.
  • On your first visit, go south to progress; once you have the Winged Boots, you'll be able to head west.
    • Baba: Bring 4 Red Scrolls and 4 Paper Talismans.
      • REWARD: Ancient Rune (flair), 1 Cake, 1 Donut
    • Mage Bird: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Black Birds and two Mage Birds
      • Wave #2: Three Mage Birds and two Spirits
    • Chimera Bear: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Spirits and one Chimera Bear
      • Wave #2: Two Mage Birds and two Chimera Bears
    • Wind Sprite: Two waves. (guards Chest #1)
      • Wave #1: Two Gem Idols and two Wind Sprites
      • Wave #2: Two Mage Birds, two Wind Sprites, and one Wind Elemental
    • Spirit: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Two Spirits and two Wind Sprites
      • Wave #2: Three Spirits (one giant, two normal)
    • Chest #1: 1 Candycane, 2 Plasma Ball, 2 Dark Rune
    • Chest #2: 4 Amethyst, 12 Rainbow Gems, 5 Bubble Stone
    • Chest #3 (requires Winged Boots): The Tr*force (flair), 1 Elixir of Life
    • Chest #4 (requires Winged Boots): 1 Honeycomb, 2 Gold Plate, 4 Topaz

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