Item Ice Crystal
Casts Ice Spike and deals ice damage. - Ice Crystal's description

The Ice Crystal is a crafting item found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is a light-blue crystal used for forging mostly Ice-related equipment.

Other than as a crafting material, Ice Crystal can also be used during battle to cast Ice Spike, dealing moderate Ice elemental damage to a single enemy, with a small chance to inflict Death status on the target.

Ice Crystals can be bought in The Town for 1200 gold.


  • Blizzard - 1 on level 2, 3 on level 4, 20 on level 5
  • Arctic Wind - 2 on level 3, 15 on level 4, 5 on level 5
  • Ice Shards - 1 on level 2, 1 on level 3, 5 on level 4, 10 on level 5

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