Inferno 2 source

The Inferno in EBF1-2


The Inferno in EBF5

The Inferno is one of Matt's recurring swords in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


The Inferno is a large sword with an elaborate blade made of red energy, that also has marking on the blade. The blade floats around three small dark red orbs, and one big dark red orb in the cross-guard. It also has a crimson grip.

In EBF5, the coloring of the entire weapon was altered. The four orbs and energy blade were change to orange, and the handle became black and has a red pommel at the end of it. The markings on the blade were also made noticeably larger.

As its name suggests, it is a Fire-based weapon that adds Fire damage to some of Matt's attacks. It also boosts the power of fire skills.

It would be succeeded by the Sol Spear, and the Magma Hammer in future games.

Epic Battle Fantasy

  • Attack 10%
  • Magic Attack 20%
  • Magic Defence 10%
"Boosts the power of Eruption. Adds Fire element to certain attacks."

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

  • Attack 10%
  • Magic Attack 20%
  • Magic Defence 10%
  • Evade 10%
  • Element - 75% Fire
  • Unleash - Magic Defence down
"Boosts Eruption"

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