EBF4 Crafting Items

Misc items from EBF3 & 4

Items are found throughout the Epic Battle Fantasy series, but their uses vary from game to game.

Epic Battle Fantasy

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Epic Battle Fantasy 2

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Epic Battle Fantasy 3

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Items can be found in treasure chests or dropped from killing monsters, unlike in the previous games. There are several types of Items:

Miscellaneous Items

They are standard items which can be found in treasure chests or obtainable from monsters, or be a reward from quests. They are also used to complete the different quests, most of the time. All of them can be bought and sold at the Misc Shop in Town. They are also used to forge equipment.

Food Items

These include healing foods, resurrecting and purifying foods, and buffing foods. They can be used in combat or from the Food Menu or by pressing F while on the Map. They may also be used to forge equipment.

Stat Items

These foods are rare and only found from Chests or as Quest rewards. They boost players' stats, and they will be used up in the process. Use them wisely. They will not be used to forge equipment.

Key Items

These are used for quests only. They are dropped only from Chests or as quest rewards. They include Flowers, Speakers, Batteries, Star Dust and Dusty Orbs. They may or may not be used up, and will never be used directly from the Items menu. They will not be used for forging and are unsellable.

Item drops rate

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The game itself does not list drop rates anywhere; information was obtained from decompiling the game.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Main article: List of Items in Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The items are now much more simplified and categorized compared to the previous games. Similar to the third game, items are divided into 4 categories.

EBF4 crafting items

All Crafting items from Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

Items/Forging Items

These items are standard and can be obtained through battles, visible pickups (in various shops) chests, secret treasures, rewards from NPC quests, and can be purchased in Item Shops located in Greenwood Village, Whitefall Town and Goldenbrick Resort. Some forging items can be used in a battle as weapons such as Hand Bomb and Shuriken.


Foods can be used for several purposes: Healing, forging, buffing (battle only), purifying (battle only) or reviving (battle only). They can be obtained from treasure chests, secret treasures, NPC quests, visible pickups, secrets and battles. Some rare foods have special abilities, for example, players can reach their Limit Break by simply consuming Chili Sauce.


Stats items are very rare and valuable. As the name suggests, they permanently increase the chosen player's stat by 2%. They can only be found in treasure chests and NPC quests until player found the only Rare Shop in Whitefall Town. The starting price for these items is 1000 Gold and the price will be doubled for every subsequent item purchased.

It is worth noting that there are non-boss foes who drop Stat boosts, but they all have 1-2% drop rates and only a single family will drop them.

Key Items

These items can be obtained through many ways such as completing NPC quests, visible pickups, battles, chests and hidden secrets. They are mainly used to overcome obstacles, removing blocks and complete NPC quests. Key items cannot be purchased in any shops and are unsaleable. Some key items will be used up and some will not. Lastly, don't worry if some NPC ask for your key items that are required to open doors (such as Batteries and Blood Orbs), they will always return your key items.

Item drops rate

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