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  • There's some optional stuff to do south of here, including gaining access to Chest #3.
  • When you're ready to progress, head right to get a second Blood Orb.
  • With two Blood Orbs, return here and place the Orbs on the pedestals to open the door and head north.
    • Earth Elemental: Two Rock Sprites, two Earth Elementals, and one Earth Golem (guards Chest #1)
    • Thunder Bird: Two waves. (guards Chest #2)
      • Wave #1: Two Gem Idols, two Lightning Sprites, and one Thunder Bird
      • Wave #2: Three Thunder Birds and two Lightning Sprites
    • Swordslinger: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Three Gem Idols and two Swordslingers
      • Wave #2: Two Mad Cacti and two Gunslingers
    • Secret #1 (east cat statue): 1 Emerald, 2 Geode
    • Chest #1: 1 Titanium, 12 Steel Plate, 8 Shuriken
    • Chest #2: 2 Plasma Ball, 2 Topaz, 1 Honeycomb
    • Chest #3 (behind Coral Block): 1 Gold Plate, 4 Silver Plate, 4 Bottled Darkness

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