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  • Flick the final switch in the factory.
  • You can now start solving the switch puzzle and open the DANGER room.
    • Steel Fish: Two waves.
      • Wave #1: Two Copper Fishes and two Steel Fishes
      • Wave #2: Two Steel Fishes, two Laser Turrets, and one Dish Turret
    • Gunslinger: One Gunslinger, one Swordslinger, one Earth Golem, and two Copper Fishes (guards Chest #3)
    • Chest #1: 1 Gold Plate, 3 Silver Plate, 1 Ham
    • Chest #2: 2 RAM Chip, 1 Plasma Ball, 1 Topaz
    • Chest #3: 4 Watermelon, 2 Sundae, and 1 Chilli Sauce

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