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  • The boss of the Waste Disposal Plant stands in your path. Get ready for a tough battle against the Praetorian and its army of robotic minions!
  • Once the Praetorian falls, open the only accessible chest to finally claim the Hammer. With it, you can smash rocks - many of which are in this room.
  • Remember to return to all of the areas you've visited and smash the boulders you couldn't smash before.
  • The western exit leads back to the Crystal Caverns. Open the path and head back to the end of Ashwood Forest to progress.
    • Chest #1: The Hammer, 1 Ham, 12 Steel Plate
    • Chest #2: 1 Steel Key, 1 Cake, 8 Plastic
    • Chest #3: 7 Coffee, 1 RAM Chip, 7 Silk
    • Chest #4: 1 Pizza, 1 Hamburger, 1 Chips
    • Chest #5: 1 Gold Plate, 2 Silver Plate, 4 Rainbow Gems
    • Chest #6: 1 Mercury, 1 Plasma Ball, 1 Topaz
    • Chest #7: 1 Orange Juice, 6 Coffee, 8 Cupcake

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