Konata NPC

Konata as she appears in Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Konata is an NPC found in the Town in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

She gives a quest to the trio and after the quest she remarks: "Which side of the cornetto do you think is the head?" She appears with Lance's potential love interest, Hikari, but does not appear in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


  • Konata is the protagonist of the anime Lucky Star (Lucky Star ). The EBF3 NPC is essentially the anime character, right down to several of her quirks:
    • Her apparent fixation on Chocolate Cornets is a reference to Konata's favorite food in the anime.
    • In Lucky Star, Konata is an avid gamer, and the quest she gives in EBF3 is apparently to collect things she needs to play the newest Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game(s) (MMORPG).

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