The Lava Cave is a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. As the name suggests, it is a large cave with a river of lava, located between Ashwood Forest and Crystal Caverns. The cave has many entrances, but much of it is inaccessible until the player acquires the Thermal Boots, which will allow them to walk on lava.

A second, smaller Lava Cave is present in the depths of Lankyroot Jungle. It is where the players find the Thermal Boots (guarded by a three-wave enemy mob), as well as where they meet Dark Godcat for the first time.


  • Eyeballs
  • Beholder
  • Fire Elementals
  • Lava Turtles
  • Obsidian Idols
  • Flame Sprites
  • Blood Bats
  • Coal Bats
  • Red Dragons
  • Black Dragon


  • The Lava Cave uses Bloody Bloodlust for its background music, a theme it shares with Graybone Cemetery.

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