Lazarus in One More Final Battle

Brawl Royale Lazarus

Lazarus in Brawl Royale

Lazarus is a person who appears in some of Matt Roszak's earlier animations, including One More Final Battle and Brawl Royale. He appears to be a rival of Matt and Natalie in his few appearances.


Lazarus first appears as the main antagonist of One More Final Battle, challenging Matt and Natalie to battle on a bridge overlooking the ocean. He calls in Lancelot to aid him after the battle turns in his enemies' favor. While Lancelot executes his "Moon Jump" attack, Lazarus powers himself up with "HAX" and retaliates against Matt and Natalie. When even this proves insufficient, Lazarus seemingly flees, only to return after Meow Meow kills Lancelot (and Natalie by mistake). Having used "HAX" even more extensively than before, Lazarus proceeds to blast Matt at point-blank range with a massive cannon (seemingly bought on Ebay), destroying the battlefield and sending all of the combatants flying into the ocean.

Lazarus returns in Brawl Royale as Matt's sixth opponent in the quick-draw competition. He attempts to blast Matt with his "Ebay cannon" once again, but Matt outdraws him and blows him away with a double-barreled gatling gun.


Lazarus is a young man (around Matt's age) with brown hair that obscures a large portion of his face. His outfits usually incorporate a green military jacket with brown belts wrapped around the sleeves, another brown belt around his waist with a gold buckle, and red shoes.

In One More Final Battle, Lazarus' jacket is zipped up and worn over a pair of baggy blue jeans with cactus designs on the bottom. He wears a larger version of his waist belt across his torso, adorned with a pair of small pouches. He completes his look with a blue and yellow scarf around his neck and a longsword with a red and yellow hilt. After gaining the power of "HAX", his eyes turn red.

Lazarus, like most other characters, gets a new look for Brawl Royale. This time he has spikier hair, permanently red eyes, and an ammunition bandolier around his jacket, which is now opened to reveal a plain black shirt underneath it. His pants have gained a millitary camouflage pattern, and he wears a white headband with a red circle in the middle. In addition to his "Ebay cannon", he has a black-hilted version of his old sword and a paper fan, the latter bearing the "rising sun" symbol of Japan and two black kanji (Japanese writing).


EBF4 Lazarus from The Glitch

Cameo in Epic Battle Fantasy 4

  • Lazarus might have been the inspiration for Lance, as they have several physical similarities, soldier-like attire, and a love of enormous guns.
  • Lazarus can be beaten in Brawl Royale if you act within 2.75 seconds of the "Round 6" logo's disappearance.
  • Lazarus makes a cameo appearance in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 as one of The Glitch's idle animation images.