Legend is one of Matt's most powerful and iconic Bushido skills in the Epic Battle Fantasy series appearing in all games of the series. It allows Matt to deliver a flurry of slashes to a single target with his sword. Legend does not have an element by default and instead uses the element of Matt's currently equipped weapon, it may also activate any weapon's special on-hit effects.


Epic Battle Fantasy

It costs 99 MP to use. It's most powerful with the Soul Eater sword equipped.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

It costs 90 MP to use. It has 100 accuracy and 110 power, and 50% of the damage is based off of the sword's element.

One Skill Bonus is available to improve Legend:

  • Legendary - Boosts the power of Legend by 30%

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Legend is largely identical to its previous appearances, but its MP cost and power have been modified to incorporate the new upgrade system. It requires Revenge and Seiken as prerequisites.

Level 1 2 3 4 5
AP 600 1200 2500 5000 10000
Power 80 100 130 170 200
MP 18 24 30 36 42
Element 50% Weapon's
Other Powerful attack that hits multiple times.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Legend has been both improved and weakened. On one hand, its base damage has increased, but on the other hand, it gives Matt the Tired debuff after being used.

EBF4 Skill Legend
Legend Element Type
Element and effects depend on current weapon. Player becomes tired afterwards. Hits 9 times. 50% Element Weapon
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 110 18 600
2 140 24 1200
3 170 30 2500
4 210 36 5000
5 260 42 10000
EBF4 Skill RevengeEBF4 Skill Light BladeEBF4 Skill Unleash


  • The attack animation for Legend is used in Matt's profile in the EBF3 intro cutscene.
  • Legend could be seen as Matt's counterpart to Lance's Unload skill. The especially in EBF4, where both skills debuff the user.
  • The skill's name might be a reference to the Unleash skill of the same name from Golden Sun: The Lost Age.