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This is a complete list of all the items you can find and where you can find them. If you are searching for a specific item/weapon, just use Ctrl+F.

There are a total of 295 chests and 68 secrets in the game.

Greenwood Village

Anna’s House

Chests: 1 – Behind Anna’s house (can be see when inside the house) (1 Lolipop, 3 Kiwis, 2 Cherries).

Secrets: 2 – One is on the mushrooms on the upper left part of the screen (2 Bad Mushrooms, 1 Cherry). The other is on Anna’s drawer in her bedroom (1 Underwear, 2 Coffees).

Visible Pickup: 1 – Bag of Chips on Anna’s drawer.

Block Puzzle

Chests: 3 – One is obtainable after doing the first puzzle (1 Beef, 1 Cheese, 4 Bricks). The second one can be opened after solving the second puzzle – (Potion Badge, 3 Muffins, 1 Milk). The third one can only be reached later by breaking the surrounding rocks with the hammer – (Dreamcatcher, 3 Red Feathers, 3 Paper Talismans)

Secrets: 1 – located nearby the green-haired NPC, on one of the rocks surrounding the chests (1 Iron Ore, 4 Bricks)

Equip Shop

Chests: 3 – First chest is behind a small bush; use the Axe to reach it (Cloudburst, 2 Ambers). The second chest can be seen in the upper area, behind the shop and between the two trees (1 Honeycomb, 2 Ogle Berries). From the second chest, keep walking right to find the third one behind the leftmost tree (Clover Pin, 3 Turnips).

Item Shop

Secrets: 1 – On the drawer inside the shop (1 Cake, 1 Donut).

Jewel Shrine

Chests: 1 – Obtained by lighting up all the torches with the Candle – (Slime Bunny summon, Holy Water, 1 Honeycomb).

Food Shop

Visible Pickups: 4 – Beef, Bacon, and a Chocolate Cornet can be picked up from the tables. There’s also a Pizza on a table behind the store, obtainable only after having the Hammer.

Pool of Healing

Chests: 1 – Reachable after obtaining the Leafy Boots – (to be added)

Wood Idol Area

Secrets: 3 – 1 is on the bottom right part, on the stacks of firewood (2 Gash Nuts, 3 Bug Wings); Another is on the upper left part, between the idol and the wood stack – (6 Ogle Berries, 1 Soft Wood); Third secret lies in a pine tree with a rock on the middle right of the screen (3 Turnips, 1 Lanky Root).

Wooden Cart Screen

Chests: 1 – Reached by breaking the rocks surrounding it – (1 Ham, 1 Beef, 6 Fried Chicken).

Secrets: 2 – First one on the log stack by the bucket (1 Soft Wood, 3 Bricks), and one on the bucket itself – (2 Dirt Balls).

Ashwood Forest


Chests: 3 – 1 got after beating a Wood Idol (3 Seaweed, 1 Bad Mushroom, 2 Ogle Berries); 2 are reachable after using the Axe – (1 Cake, 1 Donut, 1 Chocolate/Gash Club, 2 Lanky Roots, 4 Gash Nuts).

Matt Recruited Screen

Chests: 4 – 1 can be openend right after entering, to the upper left (12 Bricks, 2 Dirt Balls, 1 Iron Ore); Another is reached after beating a Tanooki Dog – (2 Kiwis, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Red Feather); One is blocked by a Red Wasp – (Flame Badge, 2 Beers). The Fourth chest is blocked by a Bat (2 Milks, 1 Coffee, 1 Muffin).

Secrets: 1 – On a mushroom, by the arrow sign (1 Bad Mushroom, 1 Red Feather).

Iron Bridge

Chests: 2 – One behind the mushroom to the top left (1 Sushi, 2 Tentacles, 3 Soft Wood); The other is guarded by a Fire Sprite – (Eagle Eye, 2 Iron Ore).

Multicolored hair NPCs Screen

Chests: 4 – 2 are reachable from taking the bottom passage on the last screen – (Bamboo Trap, 2 Seaweeds, 3 Turnips)/(3 Bug Wings, 1 Cheese, 1 Energy Drink). One is blocked by a copper box – (Berserk, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Lemon), and another is guarded by a friend dog – (Knight Helmet, 1 Sushi, 4 Bricks).

Natalie Recruited

Chests: 3 - 1 Guarded by a Dark Bush (1 Honeycomb, 2 Kiwis, 1 Milk), 1 on the right, by two NPCs (1 Sushi, 1 Pumpkin, 2 Muffins), and the third one is blocked by a Dark Wasp (Cowboy Shirt, 9 Wools, Garlic).

Abandoned House

Chests: 4 – 2 Inside the house (Flame Skirt, 12 Wool, 1 Red Feather)/(1 Orange Juice, 2 Beers); 2 behind the house – (1 Sushi, 3 Garlics, 2 Bug Wings/1 Honeycomb, 1 Cheese, 6 Bricks).

Secrets: 1 – On the drawer inside the house – (2 Softdrinks, 1 Energy Drink).

Slime Cat

Chests: 2 – One guarded by a Red Jellyfish (Flameheart, 2 Hams, 1 Fried Chicken) – Another blocked by a floating eye (1 Lollipop, 1 Candycane, 3 Muffins).

Secrets: 1 – On a rock below the second NPC from the right – (2 Iron Ore, 1 Concrete, 2 Springy Spring).

Lava Cave

Chests: 5 – One is blocked by a Lava Turtle (1 Cake, 1 Lollipop, 1 Candycane); one falls from above when you push the rock to the desired spot – (Coal Bat, 2 Hand Bombs); One is guarded by an enemy on the bottom – (1 Donut, 2 Garlics, 1 Coffee); 1 is surrounded by lava – (Devil's Sunrise, 33 Shurikens, 9 Silks); and one is blocked by an idol, reachable from below – (Bind, 5 Microcontroller, 2 Blank CDs).

Secrets: 1 – On a small volcano in the middle of the lava (6 Magma Samples, 8 Gunpowder).

Block Puzzle 2

Chests: 3 – All inside the block puzzle – (4 Blank CDs, 3 Iron Ores, 2 Red LEDs/ Headband, 1 Donut, 1 Chocolate/Rock Badge, 3 Cherries, 1 Cake).

Secrets: 1 – The tree in the middle, between the Bear and the Golem (7 Bug Wings, 2 Turnips).

Boss Area – Mighty Oak

Chests: 5 – First chest has the Axe. The one by its side has 1 Beef, 3 Soft Wood, and a Lanky Root (three of them can only be reached by the newfound Axe, containing Gaia’s Bow, 6 Dirt Balls, Ham/Copper Key, Iron Ore and Red Jacket/Destroyer, 1 Cactus and 2 Lemon).

Secrets: 1 - Behind the big trees to the right of where the Mighty Oak is – (3 Amber).

Crystal Caverns

Lance Recruited

Chests: 3

First chest is below a stump, on the bottom left corner (2 Concrete, 3 Iron Ore, 1 Gunpoweder). Second chest is reached by breaking rocks with the Hammer (Ghost Sticker, 1 Donut). Third one is blocked by a mushroom, inside the cave (1 Donut, 1 Cake, 1 Cupcake).

Secrets: 1

Behind the pine tree. If you’re directly above the chicken, just walk towards the wall and interact with it (2 Ambers, 4 Dirt Balls).

Shortcut to Goldenbrick Resort

Chests: 3

First is blocked by a Rock Sprite (1 Amber, 2 Gunpowder, 1 Fine Fur). Second chest is on the bottom left corner (4 Springy Spring, 3 Hand Bombs, 2 Cacti). The third chest is blocked by rocks (1 Beef, 1 Ham, 3 Cheese).

Secrets: 1 Right behind a tree you can cut with the Axe (3 Rainbow Gems).

Visible Pickups: 1 The fossil nearby the first chest.

Slime Bunny room

Chests: 3

One is blocked by a Blue Clay (2 Pumpkins, 1 Pineapple, 1 Orange Juice), Another by a Mushroom (1 Rainbow Gems, 2 Fine Fur, 4 Chain Links), and the last one by a copper box (1 Lollipop, 2 Glass, 3 Paper Talisman).

Candle Room

Chests: 2

One is at the bottom of the screen (3 Glass, 2 Concrete, 6 Dirt Balls). The one that falls when you complete the puzzle contains the Candle.

Red Dragon Room

Chests: 8 (to be added)

1 Is blocked by a Wraith (Magma Hammer, 1 Magma Sample, 1 Honeycomb). 5 are reached from the boss area (5 Steel Plate, 10 Iron Ore, 7 Chain Links/1 Chili Sauce, 1 Chips, 2 Pineapples/Black Widow, 5 Handbombs 2 Gunpowder/2 Magma Samples, 2 Liquid Ice, 1 Donut/1 Beef, 3 Coffees, 2 Coconuts), and two are blocked by a Red Dragon and a Gold Box (Red Dragon, 1 Orange Juice, 1 Burger/1 Burger, 1 Pizza, 1 Ham)

Visible Pickups: 1 A fossil by the Flame Wraith.

Candle Cutscene Room

Chests: 3

One falls after lighting all the torches (Ninja Hood, 1 Candycane, 7 Shuiken). One is guarded by a Bat (12 Snowballs, 4 Ice Cream, 4 Milk), and the other one by a Wolf Dog (Ninja Gear, 3 Hand Bombs, 10 Snowballs).

Visible Pickups: 1

A fossil lies near the leftmost torch.

Slime Cat Room

Chests: 4

1 Guarded by a Wolf Dog (20 Snowballs, 2 Beers, 1 Cake), one by an Ice Idol (Frost Badge, 1 Liquid Ice, 1 Donut), and the other two are behind the door unlocked after lighting up all torches (Copper Key, 2 Steel Plate, 2 Glass/Frost Sprite, 2 Liquid Ice, 2 Solid Water)

Secrets: 1

On an ice spike. Go to the uppermost torch and stand below it. Walk down in a straight line to reach it (2 Solid Water).

Tent And NPC Room

Chests: 5

1 is blocked by rocks (Frozen Tears, 12 Liquid Ice, 12 Solid Water). One is blocked by an Ice Sprite (Razorwind, 2 Ice Cream, 2 Milk), one is inside the tent (Copper Key, 1 Cake, 2 Crisps), 1 is reached from another screen, or this one with the Hammer (1 Lollipop. 1 Candycane), and one appears when all torches are lighted (Absolute Zero, 2 Liquid Ice, 2 Solid Water).

Ice Golem and Block Puzzle

Chests: 3

One is reached from the upper left (Icicles, 2 Liquid Ice, 2 Ice Creams), and the other 2 are obtained after opening the door with the Ice Golem (Narwhal, 2 Curly Horns, 1 Solid Water/Ice Shards, 2 Solid Water).

Secrets: 1

On the upper right corner of the screen, with the snowball with eyes (2 Solid Water).

Visible Pickups: 1

A fossil by the Ice Golem.

Monolith On a Bridge

Chests: 2

One is blocked by an Elemental ( 1 Orange Juice, 3 Crisps, 1 Chips). The other is lying in the open after the second bridge (Sapphire Giant, 1 Sushi, 1 Solid Water).

Secrets: 1

On the upper left corner, on the other side of the rock that is adjacent to the chest (6 Iron Ore, 4 Concrete)

Slime Bunny Room

Chests: 3

One is guarded by a Bat (5 Pumpkins, 2 Chocolate, 1 Chips), and one is blocked by a Black Clay (Cow Costume, 4 Fine Fur, 1 Beef). Last one drops after lighting all torches (Cow Horns, 2 Curly Horns, 3 Milk).

Drill Soldiers Room

Chests:  3

1 on the top right, blocked by a Crab (1 Chips, 3 Coffees, 5 Steel Plates). 1 reachable later on with the Ladder (to be added). Another is blocked by a Bat (Syphon, 5 Paper Talisman, 3 Seashells).

Visible Pickups: 1

A fossil to the right of the female NPC, accessed from the other side.

Beholder Room

Chests: 4

First one is reachable from below (1 Cupcake, 1 Candycane, 1 Lollipop), the other 3 are reached by going through the lava, save for one that can be reached from above with the Hammer  (Hellfire, 6 Magma Samples, 2 Dragon Scales/to be added/to be added)

Boss Area – Crystal Golem

Chests: 3

One is blocked by rocks (Deep Blue, 1 Lollipop, 1 Donut). One is blocked by a copper box (1 Pizza, 1 Burger, 1 Orange Juice), and the other one is free of any obstacles, right below the second (6 Rainbow Gems, 1 Beef, 1 Ham).

Secrets: 2

One is on a Crystal behind the Golem (5 Rainbow Gems). The other is on the crystal neaby the old man (1 Amethyst).

Cave Exit - Slime Bunny

Chests: 2

One is blocked by a Snow Bush (5 Steel Plate, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Sushi), and the othe is blocked by rocks on the upper part of the area (2 Silver Plate, 1 Donut, 2 Bubble Stones).

Secrets: 1

From the left, go to one of the wooden crates nearby the rocks on the bottom (2 Fine Fur, 9 Soft Wood).

Whitefall Town

-          Jewel Shrine – Slime Cat

Secrets: 1

On a bush, above the snow Pikachu (?) (7 Snowball, 1 Candycane).

-          Ice Block Puzzle

Chests: 1

Falls after completing the puzzle (Wooly Mammoth, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Cake).

-          Equip Shop

Chests: 2

They are both behind the shop. One on the left (Ice Needle, 20 Microcontrollers, 5 Steel Plate), and one on the right, with a block puzzle (Fr*ezie Badge, 1 Candycane).

Secrets: 2

One is on the drawer inside the shop (2 Silk, 1 Energy Drink, 1 Sushi), and the other is on the tree to the left (2 Snowballs).

-          Schoolgirl Meeting Spot

Secrets: 1

On the line between Hikari and Yuki NPCs, walk down until you hit the bottom. Intereact with the wall (32 Snowballs, 1 Blank CD).

-          Rare Food and Item Shop

Secrets: 1

On the drawer by the crybaby NPC (1 Cake, 1 Ham, 1 Chocolate Cornet).

Visible Pickups: 2

On the table to the top left (1 Copper Key, 1 Iron Ore).

-          K*irby Church

Chests: 3

2 are inside the house/church, blocked by a gold box.  (to be added/to be added) The other is behind the place, visible by entering the church (1 Beef, 4 Rainbow Gems, 5 Amber).

Secrets: 1

On the bag to the left of the church (6 Paper Talisman, 2 Silk).

Visible Pickups: 2

On the table inside the church, there’s a Paper Talisman, and a Life Elixir.

-          Food Shop

Secrets: 2

One on the drawer, as always (1 Panties, 1 Donut). The other is outside, on the rightmost bush near the NPC (1 Orange Juice, 7 Snowballs).

Visible Pickups: 3

On the tables inside – Chips, Fried Chicken and a Beef.

-          Goku NPC

Secrets: 2

One is on the wood stack (3 Soft Wood, 3 Lanky Root). Another lies on the house below, just interact with it on the bottom (Alchemy Set, 1 Pink Potion, 3 Glass).

-          Main Entrance to Plant

Chests: 1

Blocked by a Silver Box (Ultra Zapper, 8 Red LEDs, 3 7-Segment Displays).

Secrets: 1

On a box nearby the Snow Slime (1 7-Segment Display,  2 Red LEDs, 8 Snowballs).

Visible Pickups: 1

A battery by the door.

-          Second Entrance to Plant

Chests: 1

On an alley blocked by a Snow Slime (Copper Key, 6 Fine Fur, 1 Silk).

Secrets: 1

On the top, on a rock that is between 2 bushes (11 Snowballs,  2 Steel Plates, 3 Springy Springs).

Waste Disposal Plant

-          Levers I-II

Chests:  4

One is blocked by a Drill Robot (1 Donut, 1 Beef).  Another is blocked by a Sludge Slime (Solar Flare, 5 Glass, 2 Silk), another by a Steel Box (Space Helmet, 3 7-Segment Displays, 1 Plastic), and the fourth one seems to be blocked by rocks, but can be reached from the right (2 Bio Virus, 2 Curly Horns, 2 Solid Spikes).

-          Levers III-V

Chests: 3

One guarded by a Copper Fish (Thunder Core, 7 Springy Springs, 12 Red LEDs), one guarded by a Steel Fish (12 Microcontrollers, 1 Ham, 2 Pineapples), and one by a Drill Bot (10 Hand Bombs, 10 Gunpowder, 4 7-Segment Display).

-          Lever VII

Chests: 2

One blocked by a Steel Fish (5 Glass, 3 Plastic, 1 Pink Potion), the other by a Swordslinger (Iron Cross, 7 Iron Ore, 16 Microcontroller).

Secrets: 1

Inside the cabinet by the beginning of the room (12 Red LEDs, 2 Glass).

-          Second Battery Room

Chests: 4

One blocked by a Sludge Slime (1 Lollipop, 1 Silver Plate, 4 Steel Plates), another by a Gunslinger (Gas Mask, 5 Glass), one by some spikes (Tribolt, 4 Magma Sample, 6 Concrete), and the last one is reached from another path (Silver Key, 3 Coffees, 1 Chips).

Visible Pickups: 1

A battery on another path.

-          Sentinel Room

Chests: 3

They are all blocked by foes. One by a Swordslinger (Space Suit, 3 Glass, 3 Plastic), one by a Big Sludge Slime (Diamond Pin, 2 Bio Virus, 2 Plastic), and one by a Dish Turret (Steel Key, 4 Steel Plate, 1 Lollipop).

Secrets: 1

On the container with green liquid (2 Bio Virus, 7 Seaweed).

-          Pool of Toxic Waste

Chests: 2

One is reached with the ladder (to be added). The other is protected by a Jellyfish (Debilitate, 3 Biovirus, 9 Seaweed).

-          Slime Bunny Room

Chests: 3

One is guarded by a Yellow Jelly (1 Sushi, 1 Silver Plate, 1 Pink Potion), one by a Blue Jelly (12 Seaweed, 8 Seashell, 2 Bubble Stone), and the other, by a Toxic Squid (Lightining Badge, 1 Honeycomb, 1 Pineapple).

Secrets: 1

On the steel crates by the containers (8 Chain Links, 4 Springy Springs).

-          3-Battery Room

Chests:  3

First is below the battery slots (1 Topaz, 5 Rainbow Gems, 1 Cake), second is directly to the right of the Yellow Sprite (Camo Skirt, 2 Silk, 2 Bubble Stones), and the other one is blocked by a Thunder Elemental (Thunder Elemental, 1 Plasma Ball).

Secrets: 1

On the cabinet top right part of the screen (1 Plasma Ball, 3 7-Segment Display).

-          5-Battery Room

Chests: 2

One is on the left, blocked by a Dish Turret (1 Honeycomb, 6 Beers, 6 Garlics), and the other is blocked by a Steel Box (Ion Cannon, 1 Plasma Ball).

Visible Pickups: 1 Battery behind the first door.

-          Slime Cat

Chests: 2

One blocked by rocks (4 Bubble Stone, 8 Liquid Ice, 12 Glass), and one guarded by a Drill Golem (Mini Bomber, 1 Donut, 1 Candycane).

Secrets: 1

On a barrel with blue liquid, on the same line as the Drill Golem (1 RAM chip, 12 Hand Bombs).

Visible Pickups: 1

Battery guarded by Drill Golem.

-          Danger  Room

Chests: 5

1 Guarded by a Laser Cannon (Steel Key, 1 RAM Chip, 22 Microcontrollers), 4 inside the danger room of which 3 visible and 1 invisble in the rightdown corner of the closed room (to be added/to be added/to be added/Cosmic Monolith + more).

-          Boss Area – Praetorian

Chests: 7

The only chest not clocked by rocks contains the Hammer, along with 1 Ham and 12 Steel Plates.

The others contain:  Steel Key, 1 Cake, 8 Plastic/7 Coffees, 1 RAM Chip, 7 Silk/1 Pizza, 1 Burger, 1 Chips/1 Gold Plate, 1 Silver Plate, 4 Rainbow Gems/Thor’s Hammer, 1 Plasma Ball, 1 Topaz/1 Orange Juice, 6 Coffees, 8 Cupcakes.

Graybone Graveyard

-          Slime Cat

Chests: 3

One at the top right (Golden Pentagram, 1 Honeycomb, 2 Coffees), and 2 Blocked by a copper box (Quake Maker, 14 Dirt Balls, 2 Beef/Blood Blade, 2 Concrete, 1 Sushi).

Secrets: 1

On the tree to the right of the chest where the Blood Blade is (6 Lanky Root, 1 Curly Horn).

-          Tomb above Slime Cat

Chests: 4

They all fall from pulling the levers. They contain Bone Armor, 1 Silver Plate, 2 Silk/Bone Blade, 2 Curly Horns, 1 Solid Spike/Dark Flare, 4 Ambers, 1 Ham/Demon Skull, 3 Rainbow Gems, 1 Candycane.

-          Slime Bunny

Secrets: 1

On the bag near the bunny (3 Gunpowder. 1 Lollipop).

-          Second Tomb Entrance

Chests: 3

One is on a block puzzle (Sacrifice, 1 Sushi, 2 Pineapples), one is blocked by a Bat (Dark Gown, 3 Silk, 22 Wool), and one is blocked by an Evil Worm (Dark Bauble, 5 Hand Bombs, 1 Donut).

-          Second Tomb

Chests: 4

They are surrounding the altar (Ela’s Staff, 3 Iron Ore, 3 Curly Horn/Frost Wraith, 1 Bottled Darkness, 1 Beef/Crossbone Pin, 1 Solid Spike, 3 Chain Link/The Departed, 2 Gunpowder, 1 Bio Virus).

Secrets: 2

One is on a pile of bones directly to the left of the rune (3 Curly Horns), the other is on the right, close to the monolith (1 Solid Spike).

-          Lever Shortcut

Nothing, it seems.

Lankyroot Jungle

Goldenbrick Resort

- Shortcut to Crystal Caverns

Chests: 4

2 Are reachable as soon as the hammer is obtained (Coral Key, 1 Satin, 2 Silver Plates/Ancient Monolith, 1 Gold Plate), the other two after clearing Lankyroot Jungle, one blocked by a Cactus, one by a Coral Box (to be added/to be added).

Secrets: 1

On a cactus on the right portion of the screen (to be added)

- Bridge with clouds

The bucket between 2 chests contains 20 bubble stones.

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