The following page lists all Skills available at the player's disposal throughout the course of Epic Battle Fantasy.


Name Description MP
Drain Weak defensive attack that Drains some HP. Strongest with the Blood Blade or Soul Eater swords equipped. 22
Wind Slash Strikes all foes for moderate damage. Strongest with the Soul Eater sword equipped. 33
Quake Hits the enemy with an Earth elemental attack. More powerful with the Stone Edge sword equipped. 44
Eruption Hits the enemy with a Fire elemental attack. More powerful with the Inferno sword equipped. 55
Seiken Hits the enemy with a powerful Holy elemental attack. More powerful with the Heaven's Gate or Rune Blade swords equipped. 77
Legend Hits the enemy with several powerful slashes. Most powerful with the Soul Eater sword equipped. 99
Mog Mog brings a random item and uses it on a random party member. Useful if low on items. Also sometimes appears at the start of your turn without being called. 5
Temper Boosts Attack by 40%, this then decreases by 5% per turn. 15
Protect Boosts party Defence by 50%. Wears off at 5% per turn. 25
Air Strike Strikes either one foe with a large bomb, or all foes with several small ones. Is not affected by player stat changes. 50
Screamer Deals Magic damage to all enemies and lowers their Magic Defence or Magic Power by 20%, and can stack up to 40%. 75
Power Metal Deals Magic damage to all enemies and heals the party slightly. 100


Name Description MP
White Magic
Purify Heals Poison and Seal. 5
Barrier Boosts the party's Magic Defence by 50%. Fades away by 5% per turn. 20
Heal Heals one player. 25
HealMore Heals both players. 75
Revive Revives player one. More effective than Water of Life. 90
Judgement Deals large Holy damage to a single foe. Also heals the user. 100
Black Magic
Lucky Star Cheap attack that deals very random damage. 20
Fireball Hits the enemy for moderate Fire damage. 30
Glacier Hits the enemy for moderate Ice damage. 30
Thunderbolt Hits the enemy for moderate Electric damage. 30
Pulsar Hits all enemies for heavy non-elemental damage. 100
Pichu Attacks with one of two Electric attacks, either targeting a random foe, or all of them. 40
Registeel Hits all foes with non-elemental Magic damage, and lowers their Defence. 70
Canti Attacks a random foe for massive Physical damage. Sometimes uses a more powerful weapon. 120
Catastrophe Hits all foes foe extreme Physical damage. Damages the user too. 300

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