The Lost Ruins

The Lost Ruins are a location in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. They are the remains of a cat civilization hidden within the depths of Lankyroot Jungle. They are nearly impossible to find amid the nearly-endless jungle now growing around them - players will need a special hint in order to reach them.

How to Find the Lost Ruins

To find the Lost Ruins, you will need the Blue Scroll key item. The Blue Scroll can be obtained by completing a quest for Saito, a NPC in the Equip Shop of Goldenbrick Resort, and shows a series of cryptic directions: "up, left, up, right, right".

NOTE: You MUST have the Blue Scroll to find the Lost Ruins. Simply following the directions without the scroll (e.g. in a New Game Plus or learning the directions by hovering over the scroll in Hilde's Quest screen) will not work.


The "endless" jungle that leads to the Lost Ruins

Once the Blue Scroll is in your possession, head for the northwest corner of Lankyroot Jungle (near the western entrance of the Lava Cave where you found the Thermal Boots and encountered Dark Godcat). After (optionally) showing the scroll to Hilde, head north to find yourself in a largely empty patch of jungle, marked only by a sign warning that the path ahead is "nothing but endless jungle".

Ignore the sign and head north (up) to emerge into an identical screen. This time, head to the west (left) exit, and head for the north exit (up) in the next screen. From here, keep heading east (right) for two screens, and you should emerge in the Lost Ruins.

To return to Lankyroot Jungle, head west into the "endless jungle" screen and take the south (bottom) exit. You will immediately emerge at your starting point.

Area Description

The Lost Ruins appear similar to the other ruined cat civilizations the party encounters on their journey, featuring white stone architecture resembling that of Ancient Greece and Rome. Due to its location and the passage of time, it is heavily overgrown with vegetation and flowers.

The Lost Ruins features a number of Wind and Holy-based enemies, including several foes normally not encountered until the final area of the game. These enemies are at an extremely high level (mainly Level 31), and may prove too difficult for players who head for the Lost Ruins at the first opportunity. However, by exploiting their elemental weaknesses (mainly BombDark, and Earth), even underlevelled players can defeat the foes and claim the rare treasures they guard.


  • Bottom-left corner (2 waves):
    • Wave 1: Two Gem Idols, a Clay Idol, and two Emerald Runes
    • Wave 2: Three Emerald Runes and two Wind Elementals
  • Upper-left corner, behind the pillar: Two Angel Eyes, two White Clays, and a Mage Dog
  • Between the two top pillars (2 waves):
    • Wave 1: Two Emerald Runes, two Sacred Runes, and a White Clay
    • Wave 2: Two Florns, two Green Clays, and a Sky Monolith
  • Bottom-right corner (3 waves):
    • Wave 1: Two Heasies, a Stunflower, and two Sky Monoliths
    • Wave 2: Two Emerald Runes and a Green Clay
    • Wave 3: Two Florns, a Heasy, and two Sky Monoliths


  • Bottom-left chest (behind the Emerald Rune): Beef, Ham, and a Donut
  • Upper-right chest: Two Rubies, two Emeralds, and two Topazes
  • Upper-left chest (behind the White Clay): Dragon Helm, Dragon Armor, and seven Dragon Scales
  • Lower-right chest (behind the Heasy): Diamond, Cake, and Supernova (Limit Break)


  • The Lost Ruins' music theme is Estavius (Piano), the same theme used for the main menu and the Warp Zone of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.
  • The enemy types in the Lost Ruins are a combination of foes found in Lankyroot Jungle (Clay Idols, Sacred/Emerald Runes, Green Clays, and various Flowers) and the Temple of Godcat (Gem Idols, Mage Dogs, White Clays, Wind Elementals, Angel Eyes, and Sky Monoliths).

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