Notice: The current info on this page is based off of EBF5 Alpha version, v0.8. It is not final and may differ in a later release of the game.
Love Blade
"A sword made for healing, not fighting."
―Description, Epic Battle Fantasy 5

The Love Blade is a Holy-elemental sword available for Matt in Epic Battle Fantasy 5.


The Love Blade is a bright pink sword with engraved markings on the blade. The cross-guard is in the shape of a heart with heart shaped gem in the middle of said cross-guard. The cross-guard has two wings, one on each side. The swords pommel is also in the shape of a heart. It also has a pink engraving down the centre.

The Love Blade gives Matt a large Attack penalty, but a significant boost in Health, Defence, Magic Defence, and Evade to compensate for this, and boosts the effectiveness of healing skills and buffs. Thus, it is best for defensive tactics.