Mighty Oak
Mighty Oak
Stats (Level 50, Normal Difficulty)
Stat HP 6228651 Stat Defence 12
Stat Evade 402 Stat Mdef 12
Elemental Resistance
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison
-80% -50% - 50% -50%
Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
- 50% - - -80%
Status Resistance
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel
-100% 100% 100% -100% - -
Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- 100% - - - 100%
Debuff Resistance
Stat Attack Stat Magic Stat Defence Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%

The Mighty Oak is the first boss encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. He is the guardian of Ashwood Forest, with his power over nature protecting much of the area from the effects of the cataclysmic meteorite impact that ravaged the rest of the forest.

Although he acts as a boss for the heroes to fight, the Mighty Oak is not a hostile creature. Instead, he serves to test the party's strength to determine whether or not they can withstand the trials beyond the forest. Once he is defeated by the party, he lends his strength to them as one of Anna's unique Limit Breaks.


The Mighty Oak is a huge humanoid golem mainly made of wood and bark. He also features some metal parts, likely to improve his durability and combat capabilities. Two round holes in the bark serve as Oak's eyes, and his lower jaw and feet are made of steel. He has a shield mounted on his left arm and a big metal pin on his right arm. Both arms also have large chains hidden within them, enabling them to be launched great distances. The Mighty Oak's head and shoulders also bear a few small twigs.

The Mighty Oak bears physical resemblance to both Golems and Wooden Idols. It is highly possible that the Mighty Oak was constructed and animated in the same way as a normal Wooden Idol, being a mass of wood brought to life by magic.


The Mighty Oak mainly relies on his great physical strength in combat, delivering powerful stomps and slams with his titanic body. His arms can extend on heavy chains to strike his foes from a distance, and he can jump surprisingly high to crush enemies or create damaging quakes. His control the forest allows him to perform powerful Earth-based skills (such as Lumber and Gaia Blossom) and raise his own stats, as well as summon the native creatures to his aid.

Attacks and Abilities

  • Stabs one of the players with his shield for non-elemental damage.
  • Performs two slashes with his shield on one of the players for heavy non-elemental damage.
  • Shoots his right arm, dealing non-elemental damage to all players, may inflict Stagger.
  • Jumps onto the party, smashing all players for Earth elemental damage, may inflict Stagger.
  • Smashes his arms into the ground to cast Lumber, dealing heavy Earth elemental damage to a single target, may inflict Stagger.
  • Smashes his arms into the ground to cast Gaia Blossom, dealing Earth elemental damage to all players, may make the players Tired.
  • Sharpens his arms at each other buffing his Attack, Magic Attack, and giving himself a Brave status.

The Mighty Oak's control of the forest allows him to summon the forest's natural inhabitants for aid: Wooden Idols, Green Bushes, Red Bushes, Red Wasps, and Fluffy Bats may appear randomly each turn to help the Mighty Oak in battle.

Battle logic

It will spawn a foe every 3 turns if it's alone (Wood Idol,Red Bush,Green Bush,Red Wasp or Fluffy Bat).


  • 100%-66% HP  (attack1(1/4),attack2(1/4),magic(1/4),special1(1/4)) 
  • 66%-33% HP (attack2(1/6),attack3(1/6),attack4(1/6),magic(1/3),special1(1/6))
  • 33%-0% HP  (attack3(1/3),attack4(1/3),magic(1/3)) and will spawn a Wood Idol.
  • Berserk  (attack4)
  • It will change "special1" to "attack1" if it has more than 40% attack buff.


  • attack1  1 hit basic attack.
  • attack2  2 hits basic attack.
  • attack3  Basic attack that hits all players and can stagger them.
  • attack4   Uses "Log" (on hard). Attacks with "ground Pound".
  • magic1  1/2 chance of using "Lumber" and 1/2 chance of using "Gaia Blossom".
  • special1  Buffs attack and magic attack by 50% .Gets brave status (on hard).



As the first boss in the game, Mighty Oak should not pose much of a challenge, unless you are playing on Epic, in which the Mighty Oak may be the hardest boss in the entire game. The Mighty Oak uses only Earth and non-elemental attacks, so equips that boost Earth resistance are the best choice for defence, otherwise equips that provide the highest stat bonus should be used. Player should equip weapons of either Fire or Poison element as this are the Oak's weaknesses. Anna may use her starting Fairy Bow or get the Crimson Dragon bow from Greenwood Village equip shop for 3000 gold. Matt does not have any weapons of these elements yet, but he should take Heaven's Gate as Silver Blade's Wind element is resisted by the Mighty Oak. Natalie's Flameheart is the best offensive choice, though the Crystal Staff proves very useful (especially on Hard/Epic) as it is able to Dispel the Oak's massive attack buff.

CharIcon Anna Anna
EBF4 WepIcon Fairy Bow EBF4 WepIcon Crimson Dragon EBF4 Hat Pink Flower EBF4 Arm Ranger Skirt
Flair Pocket Clock
CharIcon Matt Matt
EBF4 WepIcon Heaven's Gate EBF4 Hat Knight Helmet EBF4 Hat Headband EBF4 Arm Cowboy Shirt
Flair Potion Badge Flair Rock Badge
CharIcon Natalie Natalie
EBF4 WepIcon Flameheart EBF4 WepIcon Crystal Staff EBF4 Hat Leaf Clip EBF4 Arm Green Dress
Flair Cat Badge Flair Clover Pin


(Insert Strategy Guide Here)


Icon Name Chance
Item Soft Wood Soft Wood 100%
Item Steel Plate Steel Plate 100%
Item Lanky Root Lanky Root 100%
Item Chain Link Chain Link 100%
Item Emerald Emerald 100%

Defeating the Mighty Oak on Epic difficulty will reward the player with the "Lumberjack" medal.

Limit Break

"Go, Mighty Oak, show these chumps to never underestimate the power of the forest!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

After the players have beaten the forest guardian and proved themselves worthy, Mighty Oak joins the party as one of Anna's unique Limit Breaks. It will instantly appear on her skills list, already on the first level. Upon casting the skill the Mighty Oak will charge into the battle and unleash a series of blows onto the enemy team, ending with a jump to smash them, and then jump back off the battle, dealing massive Earth elemental damage in the process.

EBF4 Skill Mighty Oak
Mighty Oak Element Type
Limit Break! Deals massive earth damage to all foes. Hits 9 times. 50% Element Earth Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 100 0 N/A
2 170 0 900
3 260 0 2000
4 350 0 4000
5 450 0 12000


  • The Mighty Oak may be inspired by the "Great Deku Trees" from The Legend of Zelda series.
  • The Mighty Oak is one of the few enemies in the EBF series who is not killed in battle with the heroes. When his HP is depleted, Anna comments that he isn't actually injured, just knocked onto his back (and unable to get up, due to his bulk).

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