Minigames are features in the Epic battle Fantasy on which you can earn coins and medals by doing such tasks.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 2, You controlled NoLegs the cat, on doing so, to complete the task you had to kill your "Dead family" (Skeleton NoLegs), until the timer runs out or NoLegs is knocked out.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3 features a different minigame in each area (except the Town and the Rift). Doing minigames will benefit you with some coins according to the score (time in card fliping) you earned and if it is high enough you can also get up to two Medals for each minigame.

  • The first minigame features NoLegs as he tries to eat food flying all over the screen. This Minigame is made available by a girl to the left just after Jack, the Pumpkin Robot.
  • The second Minigame is Narwhal Surfing, where you play as a small Narwhal trying to collect as much coins as possible. They float about aimlessly on the screen, but move at a different speed to the rest of the environment. The environment is water as the lower half of the screen, which can be navigated freely, and Air as the top half of the screen, which adds Gravity. Rocky outcrops appear from both the bottom and the top of the screen, and will become more annoying as the game progresses. Hitting a rock will subtract 10 coins. This minigame is found in the Top right corner of the Shore Zone, by a bored young boy on the quay.
  • The third Minigame is a game of Memory, flipping cards to find pairs in a given Time. It is found in the central Area of the Ice Zone just above the Small Volcano.
  • The fourth Minigame is similar to the one from EBF2, killing Skeletons that pop up from the ground. They will drop crystals, but these are hard to collect since new skeletons will pop up just where they lie. They will disappear after a short time. This Minigame will be found behind the Entrance to the right of the Main Gate in the Kitten Kingdom Ruins.
  • The fifth Minigame takes Nolegs through an Avalanche. This resembles a bullet Hell: No gravity exists, rocks drop from the Top of the screen, and the Hit Box is very small. Like in the Narwhal surfing Minigame, there are annoying outcrops, and getting hit by anything will lose you 10 coins. Coins will float randomly on the screen. This Minigame can be found in the Volcano Level at the Bottom right, just after the Beholder.

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