Misc Shop

The Misc Shop

The Miscellaneous/Misc. Shop is a type of shop found in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and Epic Battle Fantasy 4. As the name implies, the Misc. Shop sells a variety of miscellaneous items for Gold. The players can also sell their own miscellaneous items to the shop,  but only for a percentage of their shop value.

In general, it is more cost-effective to find items through regular gameplay, but the Misc. Shop serves as an efficient means of obtaining specific items for Forging or quests.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Misc Shop Prices

The full list of crafting items available in EBF3's Misc. Shop.

The only Misc. Shop in EBF3 is found in the northwest part of the The Town, next to the Equip Shop. Items are unlocked for purchase when the characters first obtain them through other methods (finding them in Chests, winning them from enemies, etc).

There are two Chests behind the Misc. Shop, both of which can be accessed by going around the back of the store.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 crafting items

The full list of crafting items in EBF4

In EBF4, each of the three towns has a Misc. Shop. They all sell items for the same price, but their selection may be limited - only the Goldenbrick shop has a full selection of items for purchase. The Greenwood Misc. Shop has everything up to Fine Fur, while the Whitefall Misc. Shop sells everything up to Geodes.

Unlike the EBF3 Misc. Shop, EBF4's shops take items for only a quarter of their sale price.

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