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Mother Earth Appearance

Crest that appears upon casting

"I pray to the great mother nature for support in this battle! (I always recycle, so I think I deserve this favor.)"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Mother Earth is a Poison-elemental Limit Break available for Anna in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


When cast, a large crest depicting a bow and arrow with a nature motif is summoned. The crest explodes afterwards, dealing Poison elemental damage to all foes and poisoning them, while at the same time blessing all allies.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Mother Earth is Anna's default Limit Break.

EBF4 Skill Mother Earth
Mother Earth Element Type
Limit Break! Poisons all foes. Blesses all allies. 100% Element Poison Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 70 0 N/A
2 130 0 300
3 200 0 1000
4 270 0 3000
5 350 0 12000

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