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  • List of quest giving NPCs in EBF3
  • List of quest giving NPCs in EBF4

A Non-Player Character, or NPC for short, is a character created to interact with the player. 

In Epic Battle Fantasy 3, the introduction of the RPG gameplay allows the player to freely explore each map by controling the party's movements. NPCs are placed in several locations on the map where the player can communicate with them. Some NPCs will give the player optional quests to complete in return for rewards, others are located in stores to purchase or sell, whereas the majority are only there to provide the game with interaction, information to contextualise the situation and story, or clues to lead the player in the right direction. The NPC's in the Epic Battle Fantasy are also often references from anime's and games, such as the Elric brothers, Konata, Yoko and etc.

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