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Nat Opening Pope

Holy Pope attire <3

Natalie, or Natz for short, is a magician and a playable character in the entire Epic Battle Fantasy series, along with the main characters Matt, Lance, and Anna.


Natalie with staff EBF2

Natalie's appearance in EBF2

Natalie is depicted as a teenage girl with blue eyes, fair skin and fiery ginger hair. She is quite voluptuous, and her large breasts are constantly discussed and joked about by her teammates. She wears a variety of equip-able attire, but her signature outfits include a standard Whitemage Dress with a crystal-tipped wooden staff and a flower or star in her hair, a Red Dress with matching roses and ribbons in her hair, and a Holy costume consisting of a Pope Hat, Dress and the Seraphim staff.

Based on her general appearances in the series, it appears that Natalie's "official" outfit may be the Red Dress/Red Ribbon/Dark Tooth combination; it is the outfit she wears in Epic Battle Fantasy 2, Adventure Story, and the cutscenes of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


Natalie portrays a stereotypical cutesy, tree-hugging girl, yet despite this she is still knowledgeable on any number of things. She is often at odds with the guys of the group over moral grounds, but not being the de-facto group leader (Matt), she has little effect. As she explains to Anna, she has learned to tolerate his less-than-moral quirks over the years. Though occasionally naive, she is more thoughtful compared to Lance and Matt, often trying to prevent them from unwise actions that could result in their death, and is often annoyed by their stubbornness and idiocy. Prior to Anna becoming part of the group, Natalie was the most righteous member of it, and probably the wisest (though that is not saying much given the wisdom levels of the two guys).


Being a magician, Natalie's attack is a useless smack with her staff (it is a little more useful in the later games thanks to on-hit effects), but her magic more than makes up for it. In EBF 1, 2, and 3, her repertoire of spells is divided into two schools: White and Black magic.

Black magic focuses on elemental or Dark damage-dealing spells (though she can deal non-elemental damage in the form of Lucky Star and Star Shower. For the Ice, Fire and Thunder elements, she can use a weak, low cost power, a more powerful and manna-consuming version and an area-of-effect version. She can also use single-target or area-of-effect Dark magic.

Her holy spells are much the same. She has a basic healing spell, a party-wide heal, a dispel that removes status conditions, a revive, and other abilities befitting the healer of the group. She can also use Barrier to reduce magical damage on the party. As of EBF4, Anna and Natalie can both learn all those spells (but only one of them at a time). Natalie's White magic school has some powerful damage spells as well, like Shine and Judgement, though those have no area-of-effect versions.

Natalie's signature Limit Break is certainly Kyun. With a fan service-like gesture and a jiggle of her breasts, Natalie uses a very powerful party-wide heal that also places a variety of status buffs on the party. She can also unleash Genesis, a massive angelic beam of holy energy reaching all the way into the skies, that deals Holy damage to all enemies and revives members of the party (or places Auto-Revive status on those who are alive). On the darker side, she can also use Black Hole, a very powerful, but dangerous Dark Limit Break that damages both the foes and the party and may kill both foes and players instantly. (In EBF4, Lance can learn this move as well).

She uses staffs to increase her powers and can unleash a special attack that changes, depending on the weapon. Also, attacking with the right staff will inflict status effects, anything from silence to doom.


In combat she is both a powerful healer and devastating spellslinger. Her AoE Healmore usually keeps the whole party near full health, while Heal can pull someone from the brink of death. She can inflict or endow status conditions to affect the battle and her many elemental offensives can always exploit a weakness and hit very hard. Despite her offensive capabilities, prior to EBF4 she was almost always reduced to an area-of-effect heal spammer in boss battles and other difficult battles. If taught Heal More in EBF4, she references this, saying that she feels this will be the most important spell of the game upon using it for the first time.

Since Anna can learn healing spells in her place in EBF4, Natalie may instead be used as a purely offensive spell caster, even in boss battles.


  • Natalie's nickname, "Natz", originated as a fan nickname. Kupo officially adopted the nickname in EBF2.
  • A running gag/secret in the series is that clicking on Natalie's breasts makes them jiggle. In EBF3 and EBF4, you can earn a Pervert medalby clicking them ten times.
  • Both Lance and Matt care about Natalie, but in different ways. Matt dreams of her when left Idling (but he also dreams of NoLegs, beer, swords, slimes, Akron etc.), however Lance's tendencies manifest themselves more physically in the random conversations they have as they cross the different zones, such as lifting her skirt in the forest or trying to get her to remove her top in the Kitten Kingdoms.
  • Natalie's Cat Costume may be a reference to Yume Nikki, as the Effect "Cat" has the same description.
  • Natalie strongly dislikes bees/flying bugs, as seen in EBF3 when she is attacked by one.
  • Natalie has heterochromia in Brawl Royale, with one of her eyes being green instead of the usual blue.
  • In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, one of Natalie's weapons is a clock staff named Epoch. This could be a reference to the time-traveling ship in Chrono Trigger.
  • Natalie could be inspired by the "White Mage" in 8-Bit Theatre, as both of them are admired for their beauty, breasts and healing skills.
  • Although many fans speculated about her relationship with Matt, it was not until EBF4 that hints were dropped that she might like Matt.
    • Near the beginning of the game, she reacts in a typical flustered manner when Anna confronts her about her relationship with Matt.
    • In the ending, she states that she would have liked more romance in the game.
  • Natalie is implied to be afraid of the dark, shown in the Crystal Caverns cutscene in EBF4.
  • Natalie is the earliest EBF character created by Matt Roszak; she appeared in his early animation series Attack of the Black Mages as the generically-named "White Mage". According to Matt Roszak, he repurposed White Mage's design for the EBF series because he didn't feel like making more unique characters.
  • In the third Epic Battle Fantasy game, Natalie would say "I hope I don't get pregnant!" when a Beholder hits her with its "CENSORED" tentacle attack. In the fourth EBF game, however, her dialogue would say "I hope that doesn't get me pregnant again!" This could imply that Natalie was somehow impregnated by a Beholder during EBF3, or that she is reiterating her previous hopes that the Beholder's attack does not make her pregnant.
  • In the intro of Epic Battle Fantasy 4, Natalie is referred to as "Hot Chick".
  • Natalie's armors affect the size of her breasts, noticeably the largest size of her breast when using Cow Costume.

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