No Name is a Flash animation created by Matt Roszak in 2005. It is notable for introducing Goku, who would go on to appear in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.

It can be viewed here -


Matt appears and announces he will pwn everyone. Cat appears and says " everyone gets 2 die!" They're swords clash and mat pushes cat away, but cat suddenly disarms him and stabs him. Ninja pirate then kills her with 3 shuriken from behind, and cuts her corpse up, calling her a mutinous dog. Freeze teleports in, and easily dodges ninja pirates remaining shuriken and sword, before saying "u got weasels on your face". he blasts away ninja pirates arms and then him. But black mage appears behind him, and blasts him away easily.

Goku appears in SS form, and Flys around, hitting black mage and Matt, who is somehow alive. Black mage blasts goku, who stops flying and attacks with a Kamehameha, apparently destroying the earth.

That last bit doesn't seem canon.