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FFB2 One More Final Battle by kupo707

One More Final Battle is a flash animation released in 2006 as a sequel to No Name. It follows Matt, Natalie and Mog on their journey to disk 4.


The story begins with Matt, Natalie and Mog travelling to Disk 4 when they are attacked by Lazarus, who after a short battle calls in Lancelot for backup. The two parties battle fiercely (with Mog getting kicked around by both sides) but Lazarus falls at the hands of Natalie's Pichu. Lancelot enters rage becoming more powerful but even that is no match for the Meow Meow summon. Unfortunately the attack also defeats Natalie. Soon after Lazarus returns in HAX!!OVERLOAD O.o mode which makes him incredibly powerful. He fires a blast from his ebay gun and anhialates the island and both fighters drop into the sea surrounding it. As the fighters fall, a giant longcat roars across the Sea. Matt's body falls to the bottom of a sea of swords...

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