Plasma Field
"And Man said "Let there be light", and there was light. And it was awesome."
―Lance, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Plasma Field, previously known as Plasmacross is an expert Thunder-elemental skill available for Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4


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Plasma Field deals high Thunder-elemental damage to one units, and a third of the damage to all other enemies in the field. Plasma Field also has a chance to debuff the enemies' evade.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Plasmacross can only reduce evade on level 3.

EBF3 Skill Plasmacross
Plasmacross Element Type
Expert thunder magic. Damage centered on one foe, with the rest recieving 1/3. Level 3: May lower target's evade. 75% Element Thunder Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 80 20 1500
2 110 25 3000
3 140 30 6000
EBF3 Skill Plasmawave

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The skill received a new name, and can debuff evade starting right from the first level.

EBF4 Skill Plasma Field
Plasma Field Element Type
Expert thunder magic. Targets all foes, but damage is centered on one. May debuff targets' evade. 75% Element Thunder Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 100 20 1500
2 135 26 3000
3 170 32 6000
EBF4 Skill Plasma Wave

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