Plasma Wave

Plasma Wave (or Plasmawave) is an advanced Thunder-elemental skill available for Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4.


Upon casting, Lance will use his gun to create an array of purple electrical discharges across the enemy side of the battlefield. Unlike most other Thunder elemental skills, Plasma Wave can't stun the target, instead it may debuff foe's Evade stat.

While Plasma Wave lacks the ability to focus a single target that Plasma Field has, if one wants to deal roughly equal damage to all foes then Plasma Wave actually deals more damage per target than Plasma Field.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Plasmawave's evade debuffing effect may only occur after upgrading the skill to the third level.

EBF3 Skill Plasmawave
Plasmawave Element Type
Advanced thunder magic. Hits all foes. Level 3: May lower target's evade. 75% Element Thunder Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 40 10 150
2 50 14 300
3 65 18 600
EBF3 Skill Plasma

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Plasma Wave may now inflict its special effect on all levels.

EBF4 Skill Plasma Wave
Plasma Wave Element Type
Advanced thunder magic. Targets all foes. May debuff targets' evade. 75% Element Thunder Stat Magic
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 40 10 200
2 55 14 800
3 70 18 1500
EBF4 Skill Plasma Shot

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