There are currently four playable characters in the Epic Battle Fantasy series.


The Swordsman of the group and one of the two original player characters, having appeared in every Epic Battle Fantasy game to date. He is known for his kleptomaniac tendencies, insatiable appetite, and love of swords and battle.


  • Highest Defense, Attack and HP of any playable character.
  • Powerful physical attacks, some of which can strike multiple times for maximum effect.
  • Several elemental skills, especially EarthFireIce, and Holy.


  • Low MP, Magic Attack, and Magic Defence.
  • Support abilities are moderate at best.
  • Few options for striking multiple enemies at once.
  • Little to no access to some elements outside of elemental weapons, particularly Thunder and Wind.


The second playable character who has appeared since the beginning of the series is a powerful sorceress and the primary source of fanservice in the game. She wields magic for both offense and support, and often takes the role of the team's primary healer.


  • High MP, Magic Defense, and Magic Attack.
  • Variety of elemental skills enables the targeting of many enemy weaknesses.
  • Possesses several multi-target attacks.
  • Strong healing and support skills.
  • Big breasts, as mentioned in EBF3 character introduction.


  • Lowest HP, Defense, and Attack of any playable character.
  • No multi-target Holy or Poison spells.
  • Lacks a few elements in her skill list, such as Earth, Wind, Bomb, and Water.
  • Practically useless when Syphoned or against magic-resistant foes.


Lance is the first newcomer to the heroes' team, making his playable debut in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. Previously, he appeared as the second player in Brawl Royale, as well as the main antagonist of Epic Battle Fantasy 2. He is obsessed with guns and advanced technology, which serves him well in combat as a Gunner.


  • Extremely versatile, both offensively and defensively.
  • Provides several otherwise-rare elements, such as Bomb, Poison, Wind, and (with the right equipment) Water.
  • Multi-hit attacks work well with Attack/Magic Attack buffs.


  • Damage output is somewhat lacking compared to Matt and Natalie.
  • Most elemental attacks are mixed with non-elemental damage, reducing their effectiveness against enemy weaknesses.
  • Somewhat limited multi-target attacks; most either deal several small hits or concentrate most of their damage on a single target.
  • Airstrike's random outcomes can occasionally lead to unfavorable battle situations.


The fourth member of the party debuts in Epic Battle Fantasy 4 as the main character. Seeking the stolen jewel of Greenwood Village, she recruits the other three heroes in a quest to retrieve her home's treasure, which eventually leads to a battle against the mighty Godcat.

Anna is an experienced Ranger who specializes in archery and nature-based magic.


  • Highest Accuracy of any playable character.
  • Numerous support skills.
  • Able to use several elemental skills, primarily Wind, Poison, and Earth.
  • Able to inflict status effects such as Wet, Stun, Freeze and Stagger.


  • Limited multi-target options outside of Arrow Rain, Hurricane, and shared skills.
  • Does not learn any Fire, Dark, or Bomb skills naturally, and has very few Holy, Water, Thunder, and Ice attacks.

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