"Poison spells work well against most beasts, especially big ones!"
―Anna, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Poison is both an element and a status effect in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. They are very closely related to each other, and their mechanics make both of them rather unique in comparison to the other elements and statuses.


Poison may be considered relatively uncommon element in the EBF series, yet all characters have access to at least one skill of that element, either in their default skills available or throughout shared skills. Poison is effective against many animal foes such as dogs, bears and insects and it also useful against most enemies with a lot of HP and Bosses, if they happened not to resist it. Poison's main drawback is its uselessness against most non-biological foes, such as robots and various machinery, rock and stone based enemies, undead.

Skills and Spells

  • Nettle: 50% poison
  • Life Drain: 50% Poison
  • Toxic: 100% poison
  • Poison Gas: 50% poison
  • Ivy: 50% Poison
  • Vines: 50% Poison
  • Mother Earth: 100% Poison
  • Bamboo Trap: 50% Poison
  • Toxic: 100% Poison
  • Acid: 100% Poison



  • Green Potion: Casts The Dead and hits all foes with poison damage.


  • Mad Cactus: 80% Poison
  • Evil Worm: 100% Poison

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