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Power Metal

Power Metal speakers

Power Metal is a recurring spell in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. It summons two large speakers that briefly play intense rock music, hitting all foes with Wind elemental magic damage and slightly healing entire party at the same time.


Power Metal appeared in all games of the main series, being one of Matt's special skills in Epic Battle Fantasy 1 and 2 and a shared skill for Matt and Lance in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. In most games, its power can be boosted by equipping a guitar-based weapon such as the Razorback.

In EBF3, Power Metal is a reward for completing a quest given by Calum, who resides in The Town.

EBF4 introduced a Limit Break variant of the Power Metal - the Death Metal, which is essentially a much stronger version of its basic skill as it has the same properties and special effects. Both skills are a reward for completing a quest given in Whitefall Town by Calum. The G*bson EB0 has a chance to cast Power Metal between turns in this game.


Epic Battle Fantasy

Costs 100 MP to use. It deals magic damage to all enemies and also heals the party slightly. It works well with Rune Blade equipped as it increases Matt's magic attack by 30%, boosting both Power Metal's damage and healing done.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Power Metal has 48 power and 150 accuracy, making it one of the most accurate attacks in the game. It still costs 100 MP to use, and works best with the Razorback, which increases Matt's Magic Attack by 30% and boosts Power Metal's damage.

Two perks are available to improve Power Metal:

  • Extreme Metal - Boosts Power Metal's damage by 40%
  • Healing Metal - Boosts Power Metal's healing by 30%

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Power Metal is a prerequisite for Death Metal.

Level 1 2 3 4
AP 1000 2000 4000 8000
Power 30 40 50 60
MP 20 30 40 50
Element 100% Wind
Other Targets all foes. Heals all allies. High accuracy.


First of all, because Power Metal is a shared skill available for both Matt and Lance, the player needs to choose which character is going to learn it. The choice is entirely dependent on the player's preference, but the following tips can help their decision:

  • In EBF3, Lance already has Shockwave for Wind damage and Medipack for healing, while Matt cannot learn any other Wind or healing skills besides NoLegs (which is unreliable due to its random items). On the other hand, Lance's Magic Attack is higher than Matt's, which means that he can do more damage with Power Metal. Ultimately, the decision is one between utility (in which case Power Metal should be taught to Matt) and power (in which case it should be taught to Lance).
  • In EBF4, the decision becomes more complex, due to Shockwave (and its single-target prerequisite, Airwave) becoming a shared skill for Matt, Natalie, and Lance. Because both skills are magic-based, Matt should not be considered for either skill (especially since he has a few weapons that can give his attacks the Wind element, and the addition of Anna provides alternative healing in addition to Lance and Natalie's skills). As such, Lance is the best user of Power Metal, which usually relegates Airwave/Shockwave to Natalie in order to give her a Wind-based skill.

Other than increasing the user's Magic Attack, Power Metal's damage can be improved by equipping weapons that boost the power of Wind skills, such as Matt's RazorbackG*bson EB0, and Silver Blade, or Lance's Vortex Cannon. Debuffing enemy Magic Defence also improves its potency.

Like all Wind spells, Power Metal is mainly effective against most flying and plant-based foes. This makes it useful in some parts of Ashwood Forest, early areas of Waste Disposal Plant and throughout Lankyroot Jungle, including the boss battle against Rafflesia.


  • In the first three games, using Power Metal caused the speakers to play a portion of Through the Fire and Flames by DragonForce (lampshaded by Matt, who says "Through the fire and flames we carry on!" when using Power Metal for the first time).
  • In EBF4, the song was changed to Winter Night's Journey (Through The Storm) by LEAF XCEED.

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