The in-game advertisement for the Premium Pack

EBF4Premium Battle Mountain

The in-game advertisement after the Battle Mountain update

The Premium Pack is a set of additional content for the web version of Epic Battle Fantasy 4. Designed as an incentive for promoting and supporting Matt Roszak's creations, it provides a variety of new features for the game for a small cost.

It is available for purchase on both Armor Games and Kongregate. The latter is recommended, as only this version received the Battle Mountain update.

The PC/Steam version of EBF4 features all content of the Premium Pack by default.


  • New Logo: When purchased, the Premium Pack adds an image of Battle Mountain below the main title, with the subtitle "Premium Pack + Battle Mountain" emblazoned over it.
  • New Game Plus: The Premium Pack allows players to replay EBF4 from the beginning with all of their skills, levels, stat bonuses, gold, and items. Key items, game records, and Slime Cats are reset (to prevent players from skipping major areas and enable them to ransack treasure chests again), but unlocked Medals and Bestiary entries are retained. To provide continuing challenge for players, the enemy levels are increased for New Game Plus (e.g. the Ashwood Forest foes are around Level 30 instead of Level 1).
  • Battle Mountain: The primary new addition to the Premium Pack, following Roszak's 2014 update. It is a new (optional) area designed to further challenge veterans of EBF, filled with powerful enemies and unique rewards.
  • New Medals: To go with the New Game Plus option, the Premium Pack includes two new Medals: "Second Quest" (beat the game twice) and "Final Chapter" (beat the game a third time). Following the 2014 update, numerous new medals have been introduced for the various challenges on Battle Mountain.
  • New Equipment: The Premium Pack provides 27 new equipment options for players:
  • New Skills: The Premium Pack adds five new skills for characters to learn: Fire Spin, Blizzard, Plasma Cage, Acid, and the Rapture Limit Break, all of them are shared skills for all characters.
  • New Summons: Finally, the Premium Pack adds three new summons to the players' arsenal: the Sludge Slime, the Evil Worm, and the Gold Dragon.

How to Obtain

The Premium Pack can be purchased on Kongregate for 110 Kreds, Kongregate's online currency. Kreds can be purchased by PayPal, Credit Card number, or by the account and PIN (Personal Identification Number) of a GameStop gift card.

Based on Kongregate's default ratio of 10 cents per Kred (not counting bonus Kreds awarded for buying larger Kred packages), the Premium Pack will cost $7.50 to buy.

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