This article is about the ancient robot usually found protecting ruins. You may be looking for the Defender, the Guardian, or the Praetorian.

The Protector is a boss in Epic Battle Fantasy 3. It is a powerful robot built by the ancient cat civilization to protect their empire--even after the destruction of the Kitten Kingdom, the Protector continues to guard the ruins.

As a mechanical, earth-based creature, the Protector is weak to Water, Bomb, and Thunder. It resists Poison, Earth, Fire, and Holy, and cannot be poisoned, stunned, syphoned, berserked, or killed instantly.

In Epic Battle Fantasy 4, the Protector returns as a summon, using its beam attack to inflict heavy bomb damage on all enemies with a chance to dispel them. After the Battle Mountain update, it also appears as an optional boss.


  • Launches Runes out of its cannon to reinforce its side.
  • Shoots a bomb out of its cannon, inflicting Bomb-element damage on all players. May use in tandem with the above attack, firing a few Runes and a few bombs in sequence.
  • Stomps the ground to create an earthquake, damaging all players for moderate Earth damage. On higher difficulties, this also casts Rockfall on a random player.
  • Stabs a player with its pointed laser cannon, dealing moderate physical damage.
  • Fires a shotgun-like weapon, hitting one player for moderate damage. Hits twice, randomly changing targets after the first hit.
  • Stores energy. Warning for the below attack.
  • Fires a powerful laser, which hits all players for heavy Thunder damage and a chance to dispel them. It also buffs the Protector's Magic Attack on higher difficulties.


Much bomb resistance is needed here because of the Runes' suicide attack and the Protector's bomb attacks. It's also a good idea to equip earth-resistant armor, as the Protector uses plenty of earth-based attacks. Because of Protector weakness against thunder and bomb, weapons with those elements can be useful, especially for Natz, boost her thunder spells as well. The runes shall not be attacked unless with AoE attacks, not to waste turns. Against the runes, random elemental/magic defence armor can also be used. God Hand can also be useful against Protector cause it both attacks with bomb element and restores your HP when you attack. Upgrade weapons to full to the best of your ability because of bonus skills like Thunderbolt for Dragon Killer and Flood for Deep Blue.






Use Regen and Protect, especially if Protector is charging his beam move. Use Thunderbolt and Thunderstorm in combination with the staff Thunder Spear to increase the power of the spells. If Lance has Thunder Core equipped, it also empowers his thunder skills, where it is useful to spam Plasma and Plasmacross. If Lance has God Hand equipped, using Unload on Protector can rack up good damage as well as healing Lance. Deep Blue, a water-based gun with a high chance to cause a powerful spout of water on hit, can also allow Lance to dish out massive damage to the Protector without even wasting mana on elemental skills.

Debilitate and Airstrike are two of Lance's moves which can be very useful against Protector. Have Matt use Legend, Unleash and Cleaver on Protector to heavily damage him, and use Fright too if you're going help Natalie and Lance attacking. Attack with the Ion Cannon and use Kyun to weaken the foes, making the fight easier. Beer buffs for Matt are also recommended.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Protector level 32

The Protector is an optional mini-boss in EBF4, located in the Temple of Godcat behind a stone door that's opened once all four Blood Orbs can be collected simultaneously (after opening the alternate entrance behind the Goldenbrick Resort weapon shop). The Protector is guarding two chests containing his summon and the Knight Armor, as well as assorted consumables. He is level 31 with slightly under 1 million HP in a standard playthrough and is easily managed if the party is well prepared with maxed-out equipment and equal level.

Barrier Rune level 32

The Protector employs earth, bomb, and thunder attacks. His supporting runes, two Plasma Runes and two Barrier Runes, utilize respectively thunder and holy attacks as well as empower attack and defense stats (20% buffs). Resistance to all of these elements is highly recommended, particularly being immune to the Protector's attacks is top priority. A high-level Dispel is indispensable against the buffs. Reflex may also prove useful, especially against the Protector's charge attack.

Plasma Rune level 32

Natalie with Charm and Big Blast, as well as Screamer support from eg. Anna to debuff magic defense, can 2-shot the supporting runes. This can be very effective for maintaining tempo and controlling the battle. The Protector loses a turn to resummon the runes, and against maxed or nearly maxed resistances, he doesn't have any attacks dangerous enough to put your team on the back foot except potentially his charge attack. Immediately eliminating his support crew makes it difficult for the Protector to gain any edge in the battle, leaving you free to wear away his health.

The Flower Pot and Heavy Claw are ideal weapons for this battle, as they provide 2 relevant resistances while also boosting relevant damage elements. If the runes are proving troublesome, a Wrecking Rod may also be considered for empowered Big Blasts, but the negative lightning resist shouldn't be desirable unless it means one-shotting the runes. Matt makes exceptional use of the Gash Club and Cataclysm against the Protector, while Anna really only has the option between Thor's Hammer and Gaia's Bow. The latter bow will obviously be more useful if Anna is built for offense.


  • The Protector is one of a few EBF enemies whose appearance changes as it takes damage--the rocky parts of its body become cracked and worn down.
  • The Protector has similarities to the Reaverbots from the Mega Man Legends series of video games. Both are large, mysterious robots found defending ancient ruins, and both tend to have a large red "eye".
    • In terms of body shape, the Protector vaguely resembles the Harin Reaverbot from Mega Man Legends 2.

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