• Quest menu of EBF3
  • Quest menu of EBF4

Quests are optional tasks given to the player by some of the NPCs in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. They usually involve bringing the NPC a requested set of items, often miscellaneous ones, sometimes also specific Key Items. In return for completing their request, the NPC will reward the player with items of their own, such as rarer or more expensive miscellaneous items, stat food, key items, and Equipment parts, some NPCs will even give the player additional Skills.

Both EBF3 and EBF4 feature a total of 30 quests, they are all optional, but their rewards are usually worth the effort of completing them. Players may also earn few Medals for completing a certain amount of quests:

  • "Helper" (EBF3)/"NPC Helper" (EBF4) - complete 10 quests
  • "Tasker" (EBF3)/"NPC Servant" (EBF4) - complete 20 quests
  • "Quester" (EBF3)/"NPC Slave" (EBF4) - complete 30 quests

Note that some quests may require giving an NPC a key item that is required to move around the map (such as Dusty Orb or Blood Orb), there is no need to worry about becoming stuck as such NPCs will always immediately give those items back. This is usually highlighted in-game by their use of words "borrow" or "show" during dialogues.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

See List of Quests in Epic Battle Fantasy 3.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

See List of Quests in Epic Battle Fantasy 4.


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