Rainbow Rafflesia
Rainbow Rafflessia
Stats (Level 50, Normal Difficulty)
Stat HP 9758221 Stat Defence 12
Stat Evade 402 Stat Mdef 12
Elemental Resistance
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison
- - - - -
Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
- -50% - 50% 50%
Status Resistance
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel
- 100% 100% - - 50%
Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- 100% - - - 100%
Debuff Resistance
Stat Attack Stat Magic Stat Defence Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade
50% 50% 50% 50% 50% 50%
"A beautiful plant monster which uses poison attacks and all sorts of elemental spells. Summons Rainblooms for support."
―Bestiary, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Rainbow Rafflesia is an optional boss encountered in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It's a stronger version of Rafflesia and is fought on Battle Mountain - as such, it's exclusive to the full PC release of the game and the Premium Pack.


Its design is naturally very similar to basic version of this boss - Rafflesia, but the main differences of this form are petals which now have all colors of the rainbow, curled vines instead of giant leaves on back, teeth which are now white instead of yellow, and it also uses slightly brighter shade of green.

Fighting the Rainbow Rafflesia

The Rainbow Rafflesia maintains many of its previous attacks, but now also has whole "rainbow" of elemental spells in its arsenal. Such as Firestorm, Icestorm, Thunderstorm, and Gaia Blossom, it also receives a new signature spell which is is an arched rainbow beam which it can shoot from the flower on its head (note - The Element is Random). Most of the spells it uses hit the entire team and can inflict different status effects. Alongside its variety of offensive spells, it also has a defensive one that heals Rafflesia and all active Rainblooms, gives magic attack and magic defence buff, and Blessed status as well.

Rainblooms are new type of flowers which appear alongside Rainbow Rafflesia as its support. They share the same properties and spells as their boss, with the exception of healing spell, and the will suicide upon being syphoned or berserked. Battle begins with 4 Rainlooms already on field, and every turn whenever there is room for it 1 more Rainbloom will spawn.

The Rainbow Rafflesia’s only elemental weakness is Wind-element, while it resist both Holy and Dark elements attacks. Like most bosses it is immune to stun, freeze, syphon, and death & doom status effects, and reducing stats is only half as effective. Surprisingly, unlike basic Rafflesia, Rainbow Rafflesia doesn't resist neither poison element nor poison status.

One of the best ways to ensure survival during this fight is to equip Natalie with maxed out Red Dress and Crystal Staff therefore giving 100% immunity to the R. Rafflesia’s fire, ice, and thunder spells. Equipping wind elemental weapons to your characters is good offensively, like Matt with the Silver Blade or G*bson EB0 (It depends whether or not you want the intermittent power metal to both damage and heal, or the counter with swift slash), and Lance Vortex Cannon. While if looking to play defensively you may consider using set of weapons that increase all fire, ice, and thunder resistances (Crystal Bow, Crystal Staff, and Ultra Zapper). Either way remember about some earth resistance, other than only fire, ice, and thunder as otherwise Rafflesia's Gaia Blossom may deal quite lot of damage.

One of the best things to do is to have Matt Temper himself and have someone use Debilitate or Fire Spin to weaken the Rainbow Rafflesia’s defence. Making sure to keep your team magic defence buffed is a good way to prevent being whipped out in one turn, especially on higher difficulties.


Icon Name Chance
Item Jungle Flower Jungle Flower 100%
Item Pink Potion Pink Potion 100%
Item Opal Opal 100%

Defeating Rainbow Rafflesia on Epic difficulty will reward the player with the "End Of The Rainbow" medal.

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