Rare Shop

The Rare Shop interface. Notice the price glitch.

The Rare Shop is a type of shop introduced in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. It allows the player to buy a variety of powerful consumable items at a great price.


Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Rare Shop is located in Whitefall Town, next to the Whitefall item shop. The items are initially sold at a low price, but the price doubles after each purchase.

Image Name Description Starting Price
Honeycomb Permanently increases HP by 2%. 1000
Sushi Permanently increases MP by 2%. 1000
Ham Permanently increases attack by 2%. 1000
Beef Permanently increases defence by 2%. 1000
Cake  Permanently increases magic attack by 2%. 1000
Donut Permanently increases magic defence by 2%. 1000
Lollipop Permanently increases accuracy by 2%. 1000
Candycane Permanently increases evade by 2%. 1000
Orange Juice Buff an ally's maximum HP. 500
Burger Fully heals a single ally. 10000
Pizza Fully heals the entire party. 50000

Calculating Rare Item prices

Technically, the price of a rare item will double after every purchase, and will go on indefinitely. However, due to technical reasons, the game can only store a number value up to 2,147,483,647 (2^31 - 1). Therefore, the price of an item will actually go through a few phases. For example, with stat boosting items (initial price: 1000):

  • For the first 21 purchases, the price will increase as normal, doubling every time an item is brought. After the 21st purchase, the item will have a price of 2,097,152,000
  • After the 22nd purchase, the item price will fail to display. This is because the price value has overflowed into the negative, and therefore you will actually earn money or have a negative balance by buying the item. This will persist for 5 more purchases.
  • After the 27th purchase, the item will be priced at about 1073 million. Keep in mind that the item price is still being doubled. The money is subtracted properly, but the price will fail to display once again.
  • The 29th purchase follows the trend of the 22nd to 27th purchases.
  • From the 30th to the 46th purchase, the item can be brought for free. After that, your balance will reset to zero after each purchase.

Therefore, it is theoretically possible to purchase an infinite amount of stat boost.


  • The "Overpriced Snacks" medal can be earned by raising the price of an item in the Rare Shop past a certain point.

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