Rune Claw
Status weaknesses None
Status resistances Poison, AccuracyDown, Stun, Syphon, Death

Razor Claw
Stats (Level 50, Normal Difficulty)
Stat HP 165842 Stat Defence 10
Stat Evade 468 Stat Mdef 10
Elemental Resistance
Element Fire Element Thunder Element Ice Element Earth Element Poison
50% 50% 50% 100% 100%
Element Bomb Element Wind Element Water Element Holy Element Dark
- -80% 80% - 200%
Status Resistance
Status Burn Status Stun Status Freeze Status Tired Status Poison Status Dispel
100% 50% 100% - 100% -
Status Stagger Status Syphon Status Wet Status Weaken Status Curse Status Death
- - - - - 50%
Debuff Resistance
Stat Attack Stat Magic Stat Defence Stat Mdef Stat Accuracy Stat Evade
- - - - - -

This article is about the spellcasting enemies normally associated with Akron. For the spellcasting enemies normally associated with the Protector, see here

The Razor Claw (also known as the Rune Claw) is a recurring enemy in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. So far, it has appeared in the third and fourth games as a helper to a boss.


The Rune/Razor Claw is a metallic claw made of three free-floating components arranged around an orb of red energy. The orb rests within a cup-like base, with three small spikes on the back and a broad lip. The other two components of the claw are jagged blades, which flank the orb to form a pincer.

The main visual difference between the Rune Claw and the Razor Claw is the design on the base of the claw - the Rune Claw has light grey markings etched into the lip, while the Razor Claw is covered with angular red markings, matching those of its summoner. The Razor Claw's metal also appears to be slightly darker than that of the Rune Claw, and its energy orb is a darker red, without the "spikes" of the Rune Claw's orb.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3


The Rune Claw in EBF3's Bestiary.

Rune Claws appear in The Rift, during the final battle with Akron. He will summon two Rune Claws at the very beginning of the battle, and will summon two more every time he reverts from his second form to his first form.

The Rune Claw is a non-elemental foe, but it can cast spells of the same element as Akron's current form (as indicated by the color of the large crystal on the latter's body). It can also slash players with its blades (sometimes repeatedly) for moderate physical damage, heal and buff its allies, and stab its enemies with an energy sword released from its core. Its strongest attack - a massive laser fired from its core - requires a turn to charge, but deals heavy non-elemental damage to a player.

Unlike most enemies, the Rune Claw has no elemental weaknesses or resistances. However, it is resistant to several status effects, including Poison, Blind, Stun, Syphon, and Death.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Razor Claws only appear on Battle Mountain, as helpers for the Praetorian Mk-II. Unlike their EBF3 counterparts, they only use Dark spells, but their non-elemental attacks are mostly unchanged. They also have extremely high Evade stats, which makes them difficult to hit without careful use of buffs, debuffs, and accuracy-boosting equipment.

The Razor Claw resists Fire, Thunder, Ice, Stun, and Death, is immune to Earth, Poison (both the element and the status effect), Burn, and Freeze, and absorbs Dark. Its only weaknesses are Wind and Water. When defeated, it always drops a Steel Plate, and has a 10% chance to drop Titanium as well.

EBF4 Rewards

Icon Name Chance
Item Steel Plate Steel Plate 100%
Item Titanium Titanium 10%


  • Due to the fact that Rune Claws automatically buff themselves when summoned, the EBF3 Bestiary entry for the Rune Claw gives it an Evade +50 icon.
  • The shape of the Razor Claw's pincers may be inspired by a part from the Mecha Dress Up Game.

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