Revenge is a Weapon-elemental skill available for Matt since Epic Battle Fantasy 2.


Upon casting, Matt's weapon starts glowing red and he strikes an enemy with a jumping slash attack. Revenge's power is not set, instead, it scales with Matt's current HP, becoming stronger the lower it gets. In EBF4 its power additionally increases for each dead ally on the battlefield. The skill's element and special effects depend on Matt's currently equipped weapon.

The aptly-named Avenger boosts the power of Revenge. The Anarchy has a chance to counter enemy attacks with Revenge.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

It costs 30 MP to use with ??? power and 100 accuracy.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

EBF3 Skill Revenge
Revenge Element Type
More powerful when user's HP is low. Element Weapon Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 ? 12 100
2 ? 15 300
3 ? 18 2000
EBF3 Skill Quick Slash

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

EBF4 Skill Revenge
Revenge Element Type
Power depends on current HP and number of dead allies. Element and effects depend on current weapon. 50% Element Weapon Stat Attack
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 0 (varies) 12 100
2 0 (varies) 15 300
3 0 (varies) 18 1000
4 0 (varies) 22 3000
EBF4 Skill Quick Slash

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