Natalie using Revive on Lance

Revive is a recurring spell in the Epic Battle Fantasy series. Appearing in every single game so far, it is usually associated with Natalie and Anna.


Upon casting, it bathes a single party member in a ray of divine light, accompanied by the image of an ornate cross.

As its name suggests, Revive can resurrect a defeated party member with a portion of their maximum HP according to spell power. However, it can also be cast on an already living party member to provide them with the Auto-Revive status effect for a few turns, which will automatically revive them if they die while under its effect. This versatility is counterbalanced by Revive's high MP cost, limiting the number of times it can be cast per battle.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

EBF3 Skill Revive
Revive Element Type
Revives a fallen comrade. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 10 20 150
2 30 30 300
3 60 40 2000
4 90 50 6000
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Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Revive is now a Special Skill that can be learned by either Natalie or Anna.

EBF4 Skill Revive
Revive Element Type
Revives a dead ally or gives auto-revive status to a living one. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 10 20 150
2 30 35 500
3 55 50 2000
4 80 65 6000
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