The three Sacred Jewels assembled for the resurrection of Godcat.

The Sacred Jewels are a set of three jewels created to seal the power of Godcat and prevent her resurrection.


Greenwood Jewel

Greenwood Jewel
"Upon this holy stump rests the Jewel of Greenwood, our most beloved treasure. Its aura blesses our village and protects us from harm. DO NOT STEAL."
―Sign in Greenwood Village, Epic Battle Fantasy 4

The Greenwood Jewel is shaped like a leaf and depicted on the medal icon for "The World is Saved". At the beginning of the game, the Greenwood Jewel is stolen by a band of cats trying to resurrect Godcat, prompting Anna to embark on a quest to recover it (she initially suspected the party, who by that point had developed a reputation for robbery and was spotted in the area). This effectively precipitated the entirety of the events of Epic Battle Fantasy 4.

Whitefall Jewel

Goldenbrick Jewel

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