• Anna in Santa Hat and Outfit
  • Matt in Santa Hat and Outfit
  • Natalie in Santa Hat and Outfit
  • Lance in Santa Hat and Outfit

The Santa Outfits are two hidden armors in Epic Battle Fantasy 4. There are two Santa Outfits, a male version and a female version, which have very similar stats and properties.

These armors, along with the Santa Hats, can be purchased from any equipment shop (hats for 300 and outfits for 3000 gold each), but only if your computer's clock is set to December — a reference to their Christmas theme.

Santa Outfit (male)

The male variant of the Santa Outfit increases its user's defences by a moderate amount and gives small boosts to his HP and MP, but also slightly reduces wearer's Evade. It may randomly cast Snow between turns, raining snowflakes across the battlefield.

Santa Outfit (female)

The female variant increases the defences by the same amount as the male variant, and also boosts MP, but gives Magic Attack instead of HP. The MP and Magic Attack boosts are slightly lower than the male version's secondary boosts, but the female version does not induce an Evade penalty. Like the male version, it may randomly cast Snow between turns.

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