Sarah, Anna's sister

Sarah is an NPC featured in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 and 4. In the latter game, she was revealed to be Anna's sister.


Sarah is upbeat and cheerful most of the time, being friendly to everyone she meets. She appears to admire Anna's take-action attitude, partially because she lacks her sister's overwhelming determination and courage.


Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Sarah appears in the second screen of Vegetable Forest, watching her boyfriend Legolas practicing at the shooting range. She tells the trio that she is going to marry Legolas if he defeats a Green Slime; unfortunately for her, Legolas is too "under-levelled" to even hit the targets at the range.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Sarah appears in front of Anna's home in Greenwood Village. She tells Anna that she has broken up with Legolas, due to his continuing incompetence at battle. If Anna returns to Greenwood Village after defeating the Mighty Oak, she will find Sarah north of her house, saying that she would like to travel around the world like Anna, but that she lacks the courage to do so.

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