"Remember to use your Scan ability on as many foes as possible, the information you gain will be forever stored in the Bestiary, and can be used across many saved games."
―Bill, Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Scan is a skill in Epic Battle Fantasy 2 and 3. It is replaced by the Scanbot summon in Epic Battle Fantasy 4


Scan targets an enemy and permanently adds the enemy info into the bestiary. It will also allow you to view information of all enemies of the same species in battle, including:

  • General description.
  • Level, species name and type of the enemy.
  • Remaining and maximum HP.
  • Elemental affinity and status resistance.

Scan information is not tied to the save file, meaning that if you scanned the enemy once, you will be able to view its species' information on all other saves.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Scan is part of Natalie's Summon skillset. It costs 30MP to use.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

Scan is part of Lance's Backup skillset.

EBF3 Skill Scan
Scan Element Type
Get data on a foe. Bestiary gets updated. ---- ----
Level Power MP AP Cost
1 0 0 0