Shops are a recurring gameplay element of the Epic Battle Fantasy series, appearing in all four main games and a couple spin-off games. Their exact nature and complexity varies, but their basic function is to enable players to buy and sell items for gold.


Epic Battle Fantasy

In the original game, the shop was a single screen with various items displayed. Players could buy and sell items by clicking the arrows beside each item - clicking the "up" arrow bought copies of the selected item, while clicking the "down" arrow sold copies of the item. Once players were happy with their items, they could proceed to the next series of battles.

Two shops were available in Epic Battle Fantasy. The first one appears at the very beginning of the game, run by a green-haired woman with a notable similarity to Anna. The second shop appears near the middle of the game (after the battle with the Defender), run by a mysterious purple-haired woman wearing a black dress and a pointed hat.

Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Once again, two shops were available in the game. This time, they were each preceded by a short minigame that enabled the player to earn some Gold to spend on items.

The first shop is available after defeating the Guardian. Red Mage appears (much to Matt's dismay) and offers to sell some of his excess potions. Despite Matt's dislike of the man, he and Natalie agree, purchasing what they need before heading off to the frozen beach.

The second shop is run by the Angel who revives the heroes after their ill-advised attempt to eat poisonous monsters. Her item selection and prices are identical to the previous shop's.

Epic Battle Fantasy 3

There are three shops available in EBF3, all found in different parts of The Town. In the northwest corner, there is an equipment shop and an item shop. In the northeast corner is an inn with a food shop inside.

Bullet Heaven

There is only one shop available in Bullet Heaven, and it can be accessed at the beginning of the game. As opposed to the previous games, the shop only sells upgrades that can boost your stats, make collecting items easier, or increase your bomb count.

Adventure Story

Adventure Story's shop sells upgrades that boost Matt's magic attacks. It is very similar to Bullet Heaven's shop.

Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Like EBF3, there are three different types of shops available: an equipment shop, an item shop, and a food shop. Greenwood Village, Whitefall Town, and Goldenbrick Resort all have a version of the shops. Greenwood Village has the basics: a small stock of items and food and relatively cheap equipment. Whitefall Town has a little more: stat-increasing food is introduced along with a bigger selection of food, more forging items can be bought, and the equipment is more pricey. Goldenbrick Resort has the best selection out of the three: a full stock of items and food, as well as expensive equipment.


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